ExProb.blrm: Function Generator for Exceedance Probabilities for 'blrm()'

ExProb.blrmR Documentation

Function Generator for Exceedance Probabilities for blrm()


For a blrm() object generates a function for computing the estimates of the function Prob(Y>=y) given one or more values of the linear predictor using the reference (median) intercept. This function can optionally be evaluated at only a set of user-specified y values, otherwise a right-step function is returned. There is a plot method for plotting the step functions, and if more than one linear predictor was evaluated multiple step functions are drawn. ExProb is especially useful for nomogram(). The linear predictor argument is a posterior summarized linear predictor lp (e.g. using posterior mean of intercepts and slopes) computed at the reference intercept. lptau must be provided when call the created function if the model is a partial proportional odds model.


## S3 method for class 'blrm'
ExProb(object, posterior.summary = c("mean", "median"), ...)



a blrm() fit


defaults to posterior mean; may also specify "median". Must be consistent with the summary used when creating lp.




an R function


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