rmutil: Utilities for Nonlinear Regression and Repeated Measurements Models

A toolkit of functions for nonlinear regression and repeated measurements not to be used by itself but called by other Lindsey packages such as 'gnlm', 'stable', 'growth', 'repeated', and 'event' (available at <http://www.commanster.eu/rcode.html>).

AuthorBruce Swihart [cre, aut], Jim Lindsey [aut] (Jim created this package, Bruce is maintaining the CRAN version)
Date of publication2016-11-25 08:43:08
MaintainerBruce Swihart <bruce.swihart@gmail.com>

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Man pages

BetaBinom: Beta Binomial Distribution

BoxCox: Box-Cox Distribution

Burr: Burr Distribution

capply: A Fast Simplified Version of 'tapply'

Consul: Consul Distribution

contr.mean: Contrast Matrix for Constraints about the Mean

DataMethods: Methods for response, tccov, tvcov, and repeated Data Objects

dftorep: Transform a Dataframe to a repeated Object

DoubleBinom: Double Binomial Distribution

DoublePoisson: Double Poisson Distribution

finterp: Formula Interpreter

fmobj: Object Finder

fnenvir: Check Covariates and Parameters of a Function

FormulaMethods: Methods for formulafn Functions

GammaCount: Gamma Count Distribution

gauss.hermite: Calculate Gauss-Hermite Quadrature Points

gettvc: Find the Most Recent Value of a Time-varying Covariate Before...

GExtVal: Generalized Extreme Value Distribution

GGamma: Generalized Gamma Distribution

GInvGauss: Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution

GLogis: Generalized Logistic Distribution

GWeibull: Generalized Weibull Distribution

Hjorth: Hjorth Distribution

int: Vectorized Numerical Integration

int2: Vectorized Two-dimensional Numerical Integration

InvGauss: Inverse Gaussian Distribution

iprofile: Produce Individual Time Profiles for Plotting

Laplace: Laplace Distribution

Levy: Levy Distribution

lin.diff.eqn: Solution of Autonomous Linear Differential Equations

lvna: Create a repeated Object, Leaving NAs

mexp: Matrix Exponentiation

mpow: Power of a Matrix

mprofile: Produce Marginal Time Profiles for Plotting

MultBinom: Multiplicative Binomial Distribution

MultPoisson: Multiplicative Poisson Distribution

Pareto: Pareto Distribution

pkpd: Pharmacokinetic Compartment Models

plot.residuals: Plot Residuals

PowerExp: Power Exponential Distribution

PvfPoisson: Power Variance Function Poisson Distribution

read.list: Read a List of Matrices from a File for Unbalanced Repeated...

read.rep: Read a Rectangular Data Set from a File to Create a repeated...

read.surv: Read a List of Matrices from a File for Repeated Times to...

restovec: Create a response Object

rmna: Create a repeated Object, Removing NAs

rmutil: Utilities for Repeated Measurements Library

runge.kutta: Runge-Kutta Method for Solving Differential Equations

Simplex: Simplex Distribution

SkewLaplace: Skew Laplace Distribution

tcctomat: Create a Time-constant, Inter-individual Covariate (tccov)...

tvctomat: Create a Time-varying, Intra-individual Covariate (tvcov)...

TwoSidedPower: Two-Sided Power Distribution

wr: Find the Response Vector and Design Matrix for a W&R Model...


\%^\% Man page
as.data.frame Man page
as.data.frame.repeated Man page
as.data.frame.response Man page
as.data.frame.tccov Man page
as.data.frame.tvcov Man page
as.matrix Man page
as.matrix.repeated Man page
as.matrix.response Man page
as.matrix.tccov Man page
as.matrix.tvcov Man page
capply Man page
coef.gnlm Man page
contr.mean Man page
covariates Man page
covariates.formulafn Man page
covariates.repeated Man page
covariates.tccov Man page
covariates.tvcov Man page
covind Man page
covind.default Man page
DataMethods Man page
dbetabinom Man page
dboxcox Man page
dburr Man page
dconsul Man page
ddoublebinom Man page
ddoublepois Man page
delta Man page
delta.repeated Man page
delta.response Man page
description Man page
description.default Man page
description.repeated Man page
deviance.gnlm Man page
df.residual.gnlm Man page
dftorep Man page
dgammacount Man page
dgextval Man page
dggamma Man page
dginvgauss Man page
dglogis Man page
dgweibull Man page
dhjorth Man page
dinvgauss Man page
dlaplace Man page
dlevy Man page
dmultbinom Man page
dmultpois Man page
dpareto Man page
dpowexp Man page
dpvfpois Man page
dsimplex Man page
dskewlaplace Man page
dtwosidedpower Man page
finterp Man page
finterp.data.frame Man page
finterp.default Man page
finterp.repeated Man page
finterp.tccov Man page
finterp.tvcov Man page
fmobj Man page
fnenvir Man page
fnenvir.data.frame Man page
fnenvir.default Man page
fnenvir.repeated Man page
fnenvir.tccov Man page
fnenvir.tvcov Man page
formula Man page
formula.formulafn Man page
formula.repeated Man page
formula.tccov Man page
gauss.hermite Man page
gettvc Man page
int Man page
int2 Man page
iprofile Man page
iprofile.default Man page
lin.diff.eqn Man page
lvna Man page
mexp Man page
model Man page
model.formulafn Man page
mprofile Man page
mprofile.default Man page
mu1.0o1c Man page
mu1.1o1c Man page
mu1.1o2c Man page
mu1.1o2cc Man page
mu1.1o2cl Man page
mu2.0o1c Man page
mu2.0o1cfp Man page
mu2.0o2c1 Man page
mu2.0o2c1fp Man page
mu2.0o2c2 Man page
mu2.0o2c2fp Man page
mu2.1o1c Man page
mu2.1o1cfp Man page
names Man page
names.repeated Man page
names.response Man page
names.tccov Man page
names.tvcov Man page
nesting Man page
nesting.repeated Man page
nesting.response Man page
nobs Man page
nobs.data.frame Man page
nobs.default Man page
nobs.response Man page
nobs.tvcov Man page
parameters Man page
parameters.formulafn Man page
pbetabinom Man page
pboxcox Man page
pburr Man page
pconsul Man page
pdoublebinom Man page
pdoublepois Man page
pgammacount Man page
pgextval Man page
pggamma Man page
pginvgauss Man page
pglogis Man page
pgweibull Man page
phjorth Man page
pinvgauss Man page
pkpd Man page
plaplace Man page
plevy Man page
plot.iprofile Man page
plot.mprofile Man page
plot.repeated Man page
plot.residuals Man page
plot.response Man page
pmultbinom Man page
pmultpois Man page
ppareto Man page
ppowexp Man page
ppvfpois Man page
print.fmobj Man page
print.formulafn Man page
print.gnlm Man page
print.repeated Man page
print.response Man page
print.tccov Man page
print.tvcov Man page
psimplex Man page
pskewlaplace Man page
ptwosidedpower Man page
qbetabinom Man page
qboxcox Man page
qburr Man page
qconsul Man page
qdoublebinom Man page
qdoublepois Man page
qgammacount Man page
qgextval Man page
qggamma Man page
qginvgauss Man page
qglogis Man page
qgweibull Man page
qhjorth Man page
qinvgauss Man page
qlaplace Man page
qlevy Man page
qmultbinom Man page
qmultpois Man page
qpareto Man page
qpowexp Man page
qpvfpois Man page
qsimplex Man page
qskewlaplace Man page
qtwosidedpower Man page
rbetabinom Man page
rboxcox Man page
rburr Man page
rconsul Man page
rdoublebinom Man page
rdoublepois Man page
read.list Man page
read.rep Man page
read.surv Man page
response Man page
response.repeated Man page
response.response Man page
resptype Man page
resptype.repeated Man page
resptype.response Man page
restovec Man page
rgammacount Man page
rgextval Man page
rggamma Man page
rginvgauss Man page
rglogis Man page
rgweibull Man page
rhjorth Man page
rinvgauss Man page
rlaplace Man page
rlevy Man page
rmna Man page
rmultbinom Man page
rmultpois Man page
rmutil Man page
rpareto Man page
rpowexp Man page
rpvfpois Man page
rsimplex Man page
rskewlaplace Man page
rtwosidedpower Man page
runge.kutta Man page
tcctomat Man page
times Man page
times.default Man page
times.response Man page
transform Man page
transform.repeated Man page
transform.response Man page
transform.tccov Man page
transform.tvcov Man page
tvctomat Man page
units Man page
units.default Man page
units.repeated Man page
vcov.gnlm Man page
weights Man page
weights.gnlm Man page
weights.repeated Man page
weights.response Man page
wr Man page


rmutil/man/read.list.Rd rmutil/man/fnenvir.Rd rmutil/man/GExtVal.Rd rmutil/man/Laplace.Rd rmutil/man/Levy.Rd rmutil/man/read.rep.Rd rmutil/man/Pareto.Rd rmutil/man/DoubleBinom.Rd rmutil/man/pkpd.Rd rmutil/man/GammaCount.Rd rmutil/man/lin.diff.eqn.Rd rmutil/man/DoublePoisson.Rd rmutil/man/DataMethods.Rd rmutil/man/Hjorth.Rd rmutil/man/restovec.Rd rmutil/man/MultBinom.Rd rmutil/man/int.Rd rmutil/man/int2.Rd rmutil/man/GWeibull.Rd rmutil/man/GLogis.Rd rmutil/man/MultPoisson.Rd rmutil/man/BoxCox.Rd rmutil/man/rmutil.Rd rmutil/man/capply.Rd rmutil/man/finterp.Rd rmutil/man/read.surv.Rd rmutil/man/mprofile.Rd rmutil/man/mpow.Rd rmutil/man/iprofile.Rd rmutil/man/tcctomat.Rd rmutil/man/SkewLaplace.Rd rmutil/man/Consul.Rd rmutil/man/GGamma.Rd rmutil/man/InvGauss.Rd rmutil/man/dftorep.Rd rmutil/man/plot.residuals.Rd rmutil/man/PowerExp.Rd rmutil/man/gettvc.Rd rmutil/man/Simplex.Rd rmutil/man/gauss.hermite.Rd rmutil/man/rmna.Rd rmutil/man/FormulaMethods.Rd rmutil/man/runge.kutta.Rd rmutil/man/contr.mean.Rd rmutil/man/BetaBinom.Rd rmutil/man/Burr.Rd rmutil/man/fmobj.Rd rmutil/man/GInvGauss.Rd rmutil/man/tvctomat.Rd rmutil/man/wr.Rd rmutil/man/lvna.Rd rmutil/man/mexp.Rd rmutil/man/PvfPoisson.Rd rmutil/man/TwoSidedPower.Rd

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