Man pages for rmutil
Utilities for Nonlinear Regression and Repeated Measurements Models

BetaBinomBeta Binomial Distribution
BoxCoxBox-Cox Distribution
BurrBurr Distribution
capplyA Fast Simplified Version of 'tapply'
ConsulConsul Distribution
contr.meanContrast Matrix for Constraints about the Mean
DataMethodsMethods for response, tccov, tvcov, and repeated Data Objects
dftorepTransform a Dataframe to a repeated Object
DoubleBinomDouble Binomial Distribution
DoublePoissonDouble Poisson Distribution
finterpFormula Interpreter
fmobjObject Finder
fnenvirCheck Covariates and Parameters of a Function
FormulaMethodsMethods for formulafn Functions
GammaCountGamma Count Distribution
gauss.hermiteCalculate Gauss-Hermite Quadrature Points
gettvcFind the Most Recent Value of a Time-varying Covariate Before...
GExtValGeneralized Extreme Value Distribution
GGammaGeneralized Gamma Distribution
GInvGaussGeneralized Inverse Gaussian Distribution
GLogisGeneralized Logistic Distribution
GWeibullGeneralized Weibull Distribution
HjorthHjorth Distribution
intVectorized Numerical Integration
int2Vectorized Two-dimensional Numerical Integration
InvGaussInverse Gaussian Distribution
iprofileProduce Individual Time Profiles for Plotting
LaplaceLaplace Distribution
LevyLevy Distribution
lin.diff.eqnSolution of Autonomous Linear Differential Equations
lvnaCreate a repeated Object, Leaving NAs
mexpMatrix Exponentiation
mpowPower of a Matrix
mprofileProduce Marginal Time Profiles for Plotting
MultBinomMultiplicative Binomial Distribution
MultPoissonMultiplicative Poisson Distribution
ParetoPareto Distribution
pkpdPharmacokinetic Compartment Models
plot.residualsPlot Residuals
PowerExpPower Exponential Distribution
PvfPoissonPower Variance Function Poisson Distribution
read.listRead a List of Matrices from a File for Unbalanced Repeated...
read.repRead a Rectangular Data Set from a File to Create a repeated...
read.survRead a List of Matrices from a File for Repeated Times to...
restovecCreate a response Object
rmnaCreate a repeated Object, Removing NAs
rmutilUtilities for Repeated Measurements Library
runge.kuttaRunge-Kutta Method for Solving Differential Equations
SimplexSimplex Distribution
SkewLaplaceSkew Laplace Distribution
tcctomatCreate a Time-constant, Inter-individual Covariate (tccov)...
tvctomatCreate a Time-varying, Intra-individual Covariate (tvcov)...
TwoSidedPowerTwo-Sided Power Distribution
wrFind the Response Vector and Design Matrix for a W&R Model...
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