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Utilities for Repeated Measurements Library


%^% Power of a Matrix

covariates Extract Covariate Matrices from a Data Object

covind Nesting Indicator for Observations within Individuals in a Data Object

dbetabinom Density of Beta Binomial Distribution

dboxcox Density of Box-Cox Distribution

dburr Density of Burr Distribution

ddoublebinom Density of Double Binomial Distribution

ddoublepois Density of Double Poisson Distribution

delta Extract Units of Measurement Vector from a Data Object

dftorep Transform a Dataframe to a repeated Object

dgammacount Density of Gamma Count Distribution

dgextval Density of Generalized Extreme Value Distribution

dggamma Density of Generalized Gamma Distribution

dginvgauss Density of Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution

dglogis Density of Generalized Logistic Distribution

dgweibull Density of Generalized Weibull Distribution

dhjorth Density of Hjorth Distribution

dinvgauss Density of Inverse Gaussian Distribution

dlaplace Density of Laplace Distribution

dlevy Density of Levy Distribution

dmultbinom Density of Multiplicative Binomial Distribution

dmultpois Density of Multiplicative Poisson Distribution

dpareto Density of Pareto Distribution

dpowexp Density of Power Exponential Distribution

dpvfpois Density of Power Variance Function Poisson Distribution

dsimplex Density of Simplex Distribution

dskewlaplace Density of Skew Laplace Distribution

finterp Formula Interpreter

fmobj Object Finder in Formulae

fnenvir Check Covariates and Parameters of a Function

formula Extract Formula Used to Create Time-constant Covariate Matrix in a Data Object

gauss.hermite Calculate Gauss-Hermite Quadrature Points

gettvc Create Time-varying Covariates

int Vectorized One-dimensional Numerical Integration

int2 Vectorized Two-dimensional Numerical Integration

iprofile Produce Individual Time Profiles for Plotting

lin.diff.eqn Solution of Autonomous Linear Differential Equations

lvna Create a Repeated Object Leaving NAs

mexp Matrix Exponentiation

mprofile Produce Marginal Time Profiles for Plotting

names Extract Names of Covariates from a Data Object

nesting Extract Nesting Indicators from a Data Object

nobs Extract Number of Observations per Individual from a Data Object

pbetabinom Distribution Function of Beta Binomial Distribution

pboxcox Distribution Function of Box-Cox Distribution

pburr Distribution Function of Burr Distribution

pdoublebinom Distribution Function of Double Binomial Distribution

pdoublepois Distribution Function of Double Poisson Distribution

pgammacount Distribution Function of Gamma Count Distribution

pgextval Distribution Function of Generalized Extreme Value Distribution

pggamma Distribution Function of Generalized Gamma Distribution

pginvgauss Distribution Function of Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution

pglogis Distribution Function of Generalized Logistic Distribution

pgweibull Distribution Function of Generalized Weibull Distribution

phjorth Distribution Function of Hjorth Distribution

pinvgauss Distribution Function of Inverse Gaussian Distribution

pkpd Pharmacokinetic Model Functions

plaplace Distribution Function of Laplace Distribution

plevy Distribution Function of Levy Distribution

plot.residuals Plot Residuals for Carma

pmultbinom Distribution Function of Multiplicative Binomial Distribution

pmultpois Distribution Function of Multiplicative Poisson Distribution

ppareto Distribution Function of Pareto Distribution

ppowexp Distribution Function of Power Exponential Distribution

ppvfpois Distribution Function of Power Variance Function Poisson Distribution

psimplex Distribution Function of Simplex Distribution

pskewlaplace Distribution Function of Skew Laplace Distribution

qbetabinom Quantiles of Beta Binomial Distribution

qboxcox Quantiles of Box-Cox Distribution

qburr Quantiles of Burr Distribution

qdoublebinom Quantiles of Double Binomial Distribution

qdoublepois Quantiles of Double Poisson Distribution

qgammacount Quantiles of Gamma Count Distribution

qgextval Quantiles of Generalized Extreme Value Distribution

qggamma Quantiles of Generalized Gamma Distribution

qginvgauss Quantiles of Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution

qglogis Quantiles of Generalized Logistic Distribution

qgweibull Quantiles of Generalized Weibull Distribution

qhjorth Quantiles of Hjorth Distribution

qinvgauss Quantiles of Inverse Gaussian Distribution

qlaplace Quantiles of Laplace Distribution

qlevy Quantiles of Levy Distribution

qmultbinom Quantiles of Multiplicative Binomial Distribution

qmultpois Quantiles of Multiplicative Poisson Distribution

qpareto Quantiles of Pareto Distribution

qpowexp Quantiles of Power Exponential Distribution

qpvfpois Quantiles of Power Variance Function Poisson Distribution

qsimplex Quantiles of Simplex Distribution

qskewlaplace Quantiles of Skew Laplace Distribution

rbetabinom Random Number Generation for Beta Binomial Distribution

rboxcox Random Number Generation for Box-Cox Distribution

rburr Random Number Generation for Burr Distribution

rdoublebinom Random Number Generation for Double Binomial Distribution

rdoublepois Random Number Generation for Double Poisson Distribution

read.list Read a List of Matrices of Unbalanced Repeated Measurements from a File

read.rep Read a Rectangular Data Set from a File to Create a repeated Object

read.surv Read a List of Vectors of Event Histories from a File

response Extract Response Vector from a Data Object

restovec Create a Response Object

rgammacount Random Number Generation for Gamma Count Distribution

rgextval Random Number Generation for Generalized Extreme Value Distribution

rggamma Random Number Generation for Generalized Gamma Distribution

rginvgauss Random Number Generation for Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution

rglogis Random Number Generation for Generalized Logistic Distribution

rgweibull Random Number Generation for Generalized Weibull Distribution

rhjorth Random Number Generation for Hjorth Distribution

rinvgauss Random Number Generation for Inverse Gaussian Distribution

rlaplace Random Number Generation for Laplace Distribution

rlevy Random Number Generation for Levy Distribution

rmna Create a Repeated Object

rmultbinom Random Number Generation for Multiplicative Binomial Distribution

rmultpois Random Number Generation for Multiplicative Poisson Distribution

rpareto Random Number Generation for Pareto Distribution

rpowexp Random Number Generation for Power Exponential Distribution

rpvfpois Random Number Generation for Power Variance Function Poisson Distribution

rsimplex Random Number Generation for Simplex Distribution

rskewlaplace Random Number Generation for Skew Laplace Distribution

runge.kutta Runge-Kutta Method for Solving Differential Equations

tcctomat Create a Time-constant Covariate (tccov) Object

times Extract Times Vector from a Data Object

transform Transform Variables in a Data Object

tvctomat Create a Time-varying Covariate (tvcov) Object

wr Find the Response Vector and Design Matrix for a Model Formula

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