rpf: Response Probability Functions

The purpose of this package is to factor out logic and math common to Item Factor Analysis fitting, diagnostics, and analysis. It is envisioned as core support code suitable for more specialized IRT packages to build upon. Complete access to optimized C functions are made available with R_RegisterCCallable().

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AuthorJoshua Pritikin [cre, aut], Jonathan Weeks [ctb], Li Cai [ctb], Carrie Houts [ctb], Phil Chalmers [ctb], Michael D. Hunter [ctb], Carl F. Falk [ctb]
Date of publication2016-06-28 08:45:48
MaintainerJoshua Pritikin <jpritikin@pobox.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

as.IFAgroup: Convert an OpenMx MxModel object into an IFA group

bestToOmit: Identify the columns with most missing data

ChenThissen1997: Computes local dependence indices for all pairs of items

compressDataFrame: Compress a data frame into unique rows and frequencies

crosstabTest: Monte-Carlo test for cross-tabulation tables

EAPscores: Compute EAP scores

expandDataFrame: Expand summary table of patterns and frequencies

fromFactorLoading: Convert factor loadings to response function slopes

fromFactorThreshold: Convert factor thresholds to response function intercepts

itemOutcomeBySumScore: Produce an item outcome by observed sum-score table

kct: Knox Cube Test dataset

logit: Transform from [0,1] to the reals

LSAT6: Description of LSAT6 data

LSAT7: Description of LSAT7 data

multinomialFit: Multinomial fit test

observedSumScore: Compute the observed sum-score

omitItems: Omit the given items

omitMostMissing: Omit items with the most missing data

orderCompletely: Order a data.frame by missingness and all columns

ordinal.gamma: Compute the ordinal gamma association statistic

ptw2011.gof.test: Compute the P value that the observed and expected tables...

read.flexmirt: Read a flexMIRT PRM file

rpf.1dim-class: The base class for 1 dimensional response probability...

rpf.1dim.drm-class: Unidimensional dichotomous item models (1PL, 2PL, and 3PL).

rpf.1dim.fit: Calculate item and person Rasch fit statistics

rpf.1dim.graded-class: The base class for 1 dimensional graded response probability...

rpf.1dim.grm-class: The unidimensional graded response item model.

rpf.1dim.lmp-class: Unidimensional logistic function of a monotonic polynomial.

rpf.1dim.moment: Calculate cell central moments

rpf.1dim.residual: Calculate residuals

rpf.1dim.stdresidual: Calculate standardized residuals

rpf.base-class: The base class for response probability functions.

rpf.dLL: Item parameter derivatives

rpf.drm: Create a dichotomous response model

rpf.dTheta: Item derivatives with respect to the location in the latent...

rpf.grm: Create a graded response model

rpf.id_of: Convert an rpf item model name to an ID

rpf.info: Map an item model, item parameters, and person trait score...

rpf.introduction: rpf - Response Probability Functions

rpf.lmp: Create logistic function of a monotonic polynomial (LMP)...

rpf.logprob: Map an item model, item parameters, and person trait score...

rpf.mcm: Create a multiple-choice response model

rpf.mdim-class: The base class for multi-dimensional response probability...

rpf.mdim.drm-class: Multidimensional dichotomous item models (M1PL, M2PL, and...

rpf.mdim.graded-class: The base class for multi-dimensional graded response...

rpf.mdim.grm-class: The multidimensional graded response item model.

rpf.mdim.mcm-class: The multiple-choice response item model (both unidimensional...

rpf.mdim.nrm-class: The nominal response item model (both unidimensional and...

rpf.mean.info: Find the point where an item provides mean maximum...

rpf.mean.info1: Find the point where an item provides mean maximum...

rpf.modify: Create a similar item specification with the given number of...

rpf.nrm: Create a nominal response model

rpf.numParam: Length of the item parameter vector

rpf.numSpec: Length of the item model vector

rpf.ogive: The ogive constant

rpf.paramInfo: Retrieve a description of the given parameter

rpf.prob: Map an item model, item parameters, and person trait score...

rpf.rescale: Rescale item parameters

rpf.rparam: Generates item parameters

rpf.sample: Randomly sample response patterns given a list of items

science: Liking for Science dataset

SitemFit: Compute the S fit statistic for a set of items

SitemFit1: Compute the S fit statistic for 1 item

stripData: Strip data and scores from an IFA group

sumScoreEAP: Compute the sum-score EAP table

sumScoreEAPTest: Conduct the sum-score EAP distribution test

tabulateRows: Tabulate data.frame rows

toFactorLoading: Convert response function slopes to factor loadings

toFactorThreshold: Convert response function intercepts to factor thresholds

write.flexmirt: Write a flexMIRT PRM file


An introduction Man page
An introduction-package Man page
as.IFAgroup Man page
bestToOmit Man page
chen.thissen.1997 Man page
ChenThissen1997 Man page
Class rpf.1dim Man page
Class rpf.1dim.drm Man page
Class rpf.1dim.graded Man page
Class rpf.1dim.grm Man page
Class rpf.1dim.lmp Man page
Class rpf.base Man page
Class rpf.mdim Man page
Class rpf.mdim.drm Man page
Class rpf.mdim.graded Man page
Class rpf.mdim.grm Man page
Class rpf.mdim.mcm Man page
Class rpf.mdim.nrm Man page
compressDataFrame Man page
crosstabTest Man page
EAPscores Man page
expandDataFrame Man page
fromFactorLoading Man page
fromFactorThreshold Man page
itemOutcomeBySumScore Man page
kct Man page
kct.items Man page
kct.people Man page
logit Man page
LSAT6 Man page
LSAT7 Man page
multinomialFit Man page
observedSumScore Man page
omitItems Man page
omitMostMissing Man page
orderCompletely Man page
ordinal.gamma Man page
ptw2011.gof.test Man page
read.flexmirt Man page
rpf.1dim-class Man page
rpf.1dim.drm-class Man page
rpf.1dim.fit Man page
rpf.1dim.graded-class Man page
rpf.1dim.grm-class Man page
rpf.1dim.lmp-class Man page
rpf.1dim.moment Man page
rpf.1dim.residual Man page
rpf.1dim.stdresidual Man page
rpf.base-class Man page
$<-,rpf.base-method Man page
$,rpf.base-method Man page
rpf.dLL Man page
rpf.dLL,rpf.base,numeric,NULL,numeric-method Man page
rpf.dLL,rpf.base,numeric,numeric,numeric-method Man page
rpf_dLL_wrapper Man page
rpf.drm Man page
rpf.dTheta Man page
rpf.dTheta,rpf.base,numeric,matrix,numeric-method Man page
rpf.dTheta,rpf.base,numeric,numeric,numeric-method Man page
rpf_dTheta_wrapper Man page
rpf.grm Man page
rpf.id_of Man page
rpf.info Man page
rpf.lmp Man page
rpf.logprob Man page
rpf.logprob,rpf.1dim,numeric,matrix-method Man page
rpf.logprob,rpf.1dim,numeric,numeric-method Man page
rpf.logprob,rpf.mdim,numeric,matrix-method Man page
rpf.logprob,rpf.mdim,numeric,NULL-method Man page
rpf.logprob,rpf.mdim,numeric,numeric-method Man page
rpf_logprob_wrapper Man page
rpf.mcm Man page
rpf.mdim-class Man page
rpf.mdim.drm-class Man page
rpf.mdim.graded-class Man page
rpf.mdim.grm-class Man page
rpf.mdim.mcm-class Man page
rpf.mdim.nrm-class Man page
rpf.mean.info Man page
rpf.mean.info1 Man page
rpf.modify Man page
rpf.modify,rpf.mdim.drm,numeric-method Man page
rpf.modify,rpf.mdim.graded,numeric-method Man page
rpf.modify,rpf.mdim.nrm,numeric-method Man page
rpf.nrm Man page
rpf.numParam Man page
rpf.numParam,rpf.base-method Man page
rpf_numParam_wrapper Man page
rpf.numSpec Man page
rpf.numSpec,rpf.base-method Man page
rpf_numSpec_wrapper Man page
rpf.ogive Man page
rpf.paramInfo Man page
rpf.paramInfo,rpf.base-method Man page
rpf_paramInfo_wrapper Man page
rpf.prob Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.1dim.grm,numeric,numeric-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.1dim,numeric,matrix-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.1dim,numeric,numeric-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.base,data.frame,numeric-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.base,matrix,matrix-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.base,matrix,numeric-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.mdim.grm,numeric,matrix-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.mdim.grm,numeric,numeric-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.mdim.mcm,numeric,matrix-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.mdim.nrm,numeric,matrix-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.mdim,numeric,matrix-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.mdim,numeric,NULL-method Man page
rpf.prob,rpf.mdim,numeric,numeric-method Man page
rpf_prob_wrapper Man page
rpf.rescale Man page
rpf.rescale,rpf.base,numeric,numeric,matrix-method Man page
rpf_rescale_wrapper Man page
rpf.rparam Man page
rpf.rparam,rpf.1dim.drm-method Man page
rpf.rparam,rpf.1dim.graded-method Man page
rpf.rparam,rpf.1dim.lmp-method Man page
rpf.rparam,rpf.mdim.drm-method Man page
rpf.rparam,rpf.mdim.graded-method Man page
rpf.rparam,rpf.mdim.mcm-method Man page
rpf.rparam,rpf.mdim.nrm-method Man page
rpf.sample Man page
science Man page
sfif Man page
sfpf Man page
sfsf Man page
sfxf Man page
SitemFit Man page
SitemFit1 Man page
stripData Man page
sumScoreEAP Man page
sumScoreEAPTest Man page
tabulateRows Man page
toFactorLoading Man page
toFactorThreshold Man page
write.flexmirt Man page


inst/doc/flexmirt-plots.R inst/doc/customitem.R
tests/testthat/test-gamma.R tests/testthat/test-extreme.R tests/testthat/test-fit.R tests/testthat/test-lmp-icc.R tests/testthat/test-multinomial.R tests/testthat/test-null.R tests/testthat/test-ld.R tests/testthat/test-dataframe.R tests/testthat/test-raschfit.R tests/testthat/test-sumscore.R tests/testthat/test-sample.R tests/testthat/test-score.R tests/testthat/test-rescale.R tests/testthat/test-dTheta.R tests/testthat/test-weightColumn.R tests/testthat/test-mirt-icc.R
R/classes.R R/grm.R R/drm.R R/nrm.R R/diagnose.R R/kct.R R/sample.R R/dataframe.R R/openmx.R R/science.R R/fit.R R/init.R R/mcm.R R/util.R R/flexmirt.R R/lmp.R R/LSAT.R
man/rpf.1dim.lmp-class.Rd man/write.flexmirt.Rd man/bestToOmit.Rd man/SitemFit.Rd man/toFactorThreshold.Rd man/rpf.numSpec.Rd man/rpf.1dim-class.Rd man/rpf.1dim.drm-class.Rd man/rpf.mdim.nrm-class.Rd man/rpf.ogive.Rd man/crosstabTest.Rd man/rpf.rparam.Rd man/rpf.1dim.fit.Rd man/rpf.1dim.residual.Rd man/rpf.1dim.moment.Rd man/rpf.lmp.Rd man/science.Rd man/rpf.mdim.graded-class.Rd man/ordinal.gamma.Rd man/observedSumScore.Rd man/sumScoreEAP.Rd man/ptw2011.gof.test.Rd man/orderCompletely.Rd man/omitItems.Rd man/expandDataFrame.Rd man/toFactorLoading.Rd man/rpf.base-class.Rd man/as.IFAgroup.Rd man/LSAT6.Rd man/rpf.sample.Rd man/rpf.1dim.grm-class.Rd man/rpf.mcm.Rd man/rpf.dLL.Rd man/EAPscores.Rd man/rpf.numParam.Rd man/rpf.mdim.drm-class.Rd man/rpf.introduction.Rd man/itemOutcomeBySumScore.Rd man/rpf.info.Rd man/tabulateRows.Rd man/logit.Rd man/LSAT7.Rd man/rpf.mdim.grm-class.Rd man/SitemFit1.Rd man/rpf.logprob.Rd man/read.flexmirt.Rd man/compressDataFrame.Rd man/fromFactorLoading.Rd man/rpf.drm.Rd man/rpf.1dim.graded-class.Rd man/rpf.mdim-class.Rd man/rpf.1dim.stdresidual.Rd man/rpf.paramInfo.Rd man/rpf.mean.info1.Rd man/ChenThissen1997.Rd man/rpf.dTheta.Rd man/stripData.Rd man/sumScoreEAPTest.Rd man/rpf.mdim.mcm-class.Rd man/rpf.id_of.Rd man/rpf.rescale.Rd man/multinomialFit.Rd man/rpf.nrm.Rd man/rpf.grm.Rd man/rpf.prob.Rd man/kct.Rd man/fromFactorThreshold.Rd man/omitMostMissing.Rd man/rpf.mean.info.Rd man/rpf.modify.Rd

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