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Response Probability Functions

as.IFAgroupConvert an OpenMx MxModel object into an IFA group
bestToOmitIdentify the columns with most missing data
ChenThissen1997Computes local dependence indices for all pairs of items
collapseCategoricalCellsCollapse small sample size categorical frequency counts
compressDataFrameCompress a data frame into unique rows and frequencies
crosstabTestMonte-Carlo test for cross-tabulation tables
EAPscoresCompute Expected A Posteriori (EAP) scores
expandDataFrameExpand summary table of patterns and frequencies
fromFactorLoadingConvert factor loadings to response function slopes
fromFactorThresholdConvert factor thresholds to response function intercepts
itemOutcomeBySumScoreProduce an item outcome by observed sum-score table
kctKnox Cube Test dataset
logitTransform from [0,1] to the reals
LSAT6Description of LSAT6 data
LSAT7Description of LSAT7 data
multinomialFitMultinomial fit test
observedSumScoreCompute the observed sum-score
omitItemsOmit the given items
omitMostMissingOmit items with the most missing data
orderCompletelyOrder a data.frame by missingness and all columns
ordinal.gammaCompute the ordinal gamma association statistic
ptw2011.gof.testCompute the P value that the observed and expected tables...
read.flexmirtRead a flexMIRT PRM file
rpf.1dim-classThe base class for 1 dimensional response probability...
rpf.1dim.drm-classUnidimensional dichotomous item models (1PL, 2PL, and 3PL).
rpf.1dim.fitCalculate item and person Rasch fit statistics
rpf.1dim.gpcmp-classUnidimensional generalized partial credit monotonic...
rpf.1dim.graded-classThe base class for 1 dimensional graded response probability...
rpf.1dim.grm-classThe unidimensional graded response item model.
rpf.1dim.grmp-classUnidimensional graded response monotonic polynomial.
rpf.1dim.lmp-classUnidimensional logistic function of a monotonic polynomial.
rpf.1dim.momentCalculate cell central moments
rpf.1dim.residualCalculate residuals
rpf.1dim.stdresidualCalculate standardized residuals
rpf.base-classThe base class for response probability functions.
rpf.dLLItem parameter derivatives
rpf.drmCreate a dichotomous response model
rpf.dThetaItem derivatives with respect to the location in the latent...
rpf.gpcmpCreate monotonic polynomial generalized partial credit...
rpf.grmCreate a graded response model
rpf.grmpCreate monotonic polynomial graded response (GR-MP) model
rpf.id_ofConvert an rpf item model name to an ID
rpf.infoMap an item model, item parameters, and person trait score...
rpf.introductionrpf - Response Probability Functions
rpf.lmpCreate logistic function of a monotonic polynomial (LMP)...
rpf.logprobMap an item model, item parameters, and person trait score...
rpf.mcmCreate a multiple-choice response model
rpf.mdim-classThe base class for multi-dimensional response probability...
rpf.mdim.drm-classMultidimensional dichotomous item models (M1PL, M2PL, and...
rpf.mdim.graded-classThe base class for multi-dimensional graded response...
rpf.mdim.grm-classThe multidimensional graded response item model.
rpf.mdim.mcm-classThe multiple-choice response item model (both unidimensional...
rpf.mdim.nrm-classThe nominal response item model (both unidimensional and...
rpf.mean.infoFind the point where an item provides mean maximum...
rpf.mean.info1Find the point where an item provides mean maximum...
rpf.modifyCreate a similar item specification with the given number of...
rpf.nrmCreate a nominal response model
rpf.numParamLength of the item parameter vector
rpf.numSpecLength of the item model vector
rpf.ogiveThe ogive constant
rpf.paramInfoRetrieve a description of the given parameter
rpf.probMap an item model, item parameters, and person trait score...
rpf.rescaleRescale item parameters
rpf.rparamGenerates item parameters
rpf.sampleRandomly sample response patterns given a list of items
scienceLiking for Science dataset
SitemFitCompute the S fit statistic for a set of items
SitemFit1Compute the S fit statistic for 1 item
stripDataStrip data and scores from an IFA group
sumScoreEAPCompute the sum-score EAP table
sumScoreEAPTestConduct the sum-score EAP distribution test
tabulateRowsTabulate data.frame rows
toFactorLoadingConvert response function slopes to factor loadings
toFactorThresholdConvert response function intercepts to factor thresholds
write.flexmirtWrite a flexMIRT PRM file
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