Man pages for rphylotastic
Interface to 'Phylotastic' Web Services

get_base_urlGet Phylotastic base URL return The URL for the phylotastic...
get_list_server_urlReturn Species List server URL
get_species_from_listGet existing list/lists of species
insert_species_in_listInsert list of species
newick_compareCompare two phylogenetic trees
remove_species_from_listRemove an existing list of species
replace_species_in_listReplace a list of species
species_get_image_dataGet image metadata of a list of species
species_get_infoGet information of a list of species
taxa_get_otol_treeGet OToL induced subtree
taxa_get_phylomatic_treeGet phylomatic subtree
taxa_get_taxonomic_treeGet taxonomic tree from the NCBI
taxa_resolve_names_with_gnrResolve Scientific Names with GNR TNRS
taxa_resolve_names_with_otolResolve Scientific Names with Open Tree TNRS
taxon_get_speciesGet all species from a taxon
taxon_get_species_and_countryGet all species filtered by country from a taxon
taxon_get_species_with_genomeGet all species that have genome sequence in NCBI from a...
taxon_separate_dark_taxa_using_genbankSeparate dark from known taxa on another database
taxon_separate_dark_taxa_using_otolSeparate dark from known taxa on OpenTree of Life
text_get_scientific_namesFunction to pull scientific names from text
update_species_in_listUpdate metadata of a list of species
url_get_scientific_namesFunction to pull scientific names from web pages
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