Man pages for rptR
Repeatability Estimation for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Data

BeetlesBodyBeetlesBody dataset
BeetlesFemaleBeetlesFemale dataset
BeetlesMaleBeetlesMale dataset
bootstrap_nongaussianBootstrapping for non-gaussian functions (internal use)
group_varsCalculates / extracts variance components from random effects...
LRT_nongaussianLikelihood ratio test for non-gaussian functions (internal...
permut_nongaussianPermutation function for non-gaussian functions (internal...
plot.rptPlot a rpt object
print.rptPrint a rpt object
print.summary.rptPrints the summary of a rpt object
rptRepeatability Estimation for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Data
rptBinaryGLMM-based Repeatability Estimation for Binary Data
rptGaussianLMM-based Repeatability Estimation for Gaussian Data
rptPoissonGLMM-based Repeatability Estimation for Poisson-distributed...
rptProportionGLMM-based Repeatability Estimation for Proportion Data
rptRrptR: Repeatability Estimation for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian...
summary.rptSummary of a rpt object
with_warningsCaptures and suppresses (still to find out why) warnings of...
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