Man pages for rstan
R Interface to Stan

As.mcmc.listCreate an mcmc.list from a stanfit object
check_hmc_diagnosticsCheck HMC diagnostics after sampling
expose_stan_functionsExpose user-defined Stan functions to R for testing and...
extract_sparse_partsExtract the compressed representation of a sparse matrix
lookupLook up the Stan function that corresponds to a R function or...
makeconf_pathObtain the full path of file 'Makeconf'
monitorCompute summaries of MCMC draws and monitor convergence
nlistCreated named lists
plotting-functionsRStan Plotting Functions
print.stanfitPrint a summary for a fitted model represented by a 'stanfit'...
read_rdumpRead data in an R dump file to a list
RhatConvergence and efficiency diagnostics for Markov Chains
rstanRStan - the R interface to Stan
rstan-internalInternal Functions and Methods
rstan_optionsSet and read options used in RStan
rstan.package.skeletonCreate a Skeleton for a New Source Package with Stan Programs
sbcSimulation Based Calibration (sbc)
set_cppoDefunct function to set the compiler optimization level
sflist2stanfitMerge a list of stanfit objects into one
stanFit a model with Stan
stancTranslate Stan model specification to C++ code
stan_csvRead CSV files of samples generated by (R)Stan into a...
stan_demoDemonstrate examples included in Stan
stanfit2array-methodCreate array, matrix, or data.frame objects from samples in a...
stanfit-classClass 'stanfit': fitted Stan model
stanfit-method-extractExtract samples from a fitted Stan model
stanfit-method-logprob'log_prob' and 'grad_log_prob' functions
stanfit-method-looApproximate leave-one-out cross-validation
stanfit-method-loo-moment-matchMoment matching for efficient approximate leave-one-out...
stanfit-method-pairsCreate a matrix of output plots from a 'stanfit' object
stanfit-method-plotPlots for stanfit objects
stanfit-method-summarySummary method for stanfit objects
stanfit-method-traceplotMarkov chain traceplots
stan_modelConstruct a Stan model
stanmodel-classClass representing model compiled from C++
stanmodel-method-gqsDraw samples of generated quantities from a Stan model
stanmodel-method-optimizingObtain a point estimate by maximizing the joint posterior
stanmodel-method-samplingDraw samples from a Stan model
stanmodel-method-vbRun Stan's variational algorithm for approximate posterior...
stan_plotggplot2 for RStan
stan_plot_diagnosticsRStan Diagnostic plots
stan_plot_optionsSet default appearance options
stan_rdumpDump the data for a Stan model to R dump file in the limited...
stan_versionObtain the version of Stan
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