lookup_coords: Get coordinates of specified location.

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Get coordinates of specified location.


Convenience function for looking up latitude/longitude coordinate information for a given location. Returns data as a special "coords" object, which is specifically designed to interact smoothly with other relevant package functions. NOTE: USE OF THIS FUNCTION REQUIRES A VALID GOOGLE MAPS API KEY.


lookup_coords(address, components = NULL, apikey = NULL, ...)



Desired location typically in the form of place name, subregion, e.g., address = "lawrence, KS". Also accepts the name of countries, e.g., address = "usa", address = "brazil" or states, e.g., address = "missouri" or cities, e.g., address = "chicago". In most cases using only address should be sufficient.


Unit of analysis for address e.g., components = "country:US". Potential components include postal_code, country, administrative_area, locality, route.


A valid Google Maps API key. If NULL, lookup_coords() will look for a relevant API key stored as an environment variable (e.g., GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY).


Additional arguments passed as parameters in the HTTP request


Since Google Maps implemented stricter API requirements, sending requests to Google's API isn't very convenient. To enable basic uses without requiring a Google Maps API key, a number of the major cities throughout the word and the following two larger locations are baked into this function: 'world' and 'usa'. If 'world' is supplied then a bounding box of maximum latitutde/longitude values, i.e., c(-180, -90, 180, 90), and a center point c(0, 0) are returned. If 'usa' is supplied then estimates of the United States' bounding box and mid-point are returned. To specify a city, provide the city name followed by a space and then the US state abbreviation or country name. To see a list of all included cities, enter rtweet:::citycoords in the R console to see coordinates data.


Object of class coords.

See Also

Other geo: lat_lng()


## Not run: 

## get coordinates associated with the following addresses/components
sf <- lookup_coords("san francisco, CA", "country:US")
usa <- lookup_coords("usa")
lnd <- lookup_coords("london")
bz <- lookup_coords("brazil")

## pass a returned coords object to search_tweets
bztw <- search_tweets(geocode = bz)

## or stream tweets
ustw <- stream_tweets(usa, timeout = 10)

## End(Not run)

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