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Collecting Twitter Data

as_screennameCoerces user identifier(s) to be evaluated as a screen...
bearer_tokenBearer token
create_tokenCreating Twitter authorization token(s).
direct_messagesGet direct messages sent to and received by the...
direct_messages_received(DEPRECATED) Get the most recent direct messages sent to the...
do_call_rbindBinds list of data frames while preserving attribute (tweets...
emojisEmojis codes and descriptions data.
flattenflatten/unflatten data frame
get_collectionsGet collections by user or status id.
get_favoritesGet tweets data for statuses favorited by one or more target...
get_followersGet user IDs for accounts following target user.
get_friendsGet user IDs of accounts followed by target user(s).
get_mentionsGet mentions for the authenticating user.
get_my_timelineGet _your_ timeline
get_retweetersGet user IDs of users who retweeted a given status.
get_retweetsGet the most recent retweets of a specific Twitter status
get_timelineGet one or more user timelines (tweets posted by target...
get_tokensFetching Twitter authorization token(s).
get_trendsGet Twitter trends data.
invalidate_bearerInvalidate bearer token
langsLanguage codes recognized by Twitter data.
lat_lngAdds single-point latitude and longitude variables to tweets...
lists_membersGet Twitter list members (users on a given list).
lists_statusesGet a timeline of tweets authored by members of a specified...
lists_subscribersGet subscribers of a specified list.
lists_subscriptionsGet list subscriptions of a given user.
lists_usersGet all lists a specified user subscribes to, including their...
lookup_collectionsGet collections by user or status id.
lookup_coordsGet coordinates of specified location.
lookup_friendshipsLookup friendship information between two specified users.
lookup_statusesGet tweets data for given statuses (status IDs).
lookup_usersGet Twitter users data for given users (user IDs or screen...
my_friendshipsLookup friendship information between users.
network_graphNetwork data
parse_streamConverts Twitter stream data (JSON file) into parsed data...
plain_tweetsClean up character vector (tweets) to more of a plain text.
post_favoriteFavorites target status id.
post_followFollows target twitter user.
post_friendshipUpdates friendship notifications and retweet abilities.
post_listManage Twitter lists
post_messagePosts direct message from user's Twitter account
post_tweetPosts status update to user's Twitter account
rate_limitGet rate limit data for given Twitter access tokens.
read_twitter_csvRead comma separated value Twitter data.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
round_timeA generic function for rounding date and time values
rtweet-packagertweet: Collecting Twitter data
search_30daySearch last 30day (PREMIUM)
search_fullarchiveSearch fullarchive (PREMIUM)
search_tweetsGet tweets data on statuses identified via search query.
search_usersGet users data on accounts identified via search query.
stopwordslangsTwitter stop words in multiple languages data.
stream_tweetsCollect a live stream of Twitter data.
suggested_usersGet user [account] suggestions for authenticating user
trends_availableAvailable Twitter trends along with associated WOEID.
ts_dataConverts tweets data into time series-like data object.
ts_plotPlots tweets data as a time series-like data object.
tweets_dataExtracts tweets data from users data object.
tweet_shotCapture an image of a tweet/thread
tweets_with_usersParsing data into tweets/users data tibbles
users_dataExtracts users data from tweets data object.
write_as_csvSave Twitter data as a comma separated value file.
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