Man pages for sads
Maximum Likelihood Models for Species Abundance Distributions

ARN82Biomass of marine animals in colonizing experiments in Baltic...
bciTree species abundance in Barro Colorado Island Plot
birdsAbundances of breeding birds in Quacker Run Valley, NY
dbsMacArthur's Broken-stick distribution
dgsGeometric series distribution
distrContinuous or discrete distributions
dlsFisher's Log-series distribution
dmanZipf-Mandelbrodt distribution
dmzsmMetacommunity zero-sum multinomial distribution
dparetoPareto distribution
dpoigCompound Poisson-gamma distribution
dpoilogPoisson-lognormal distribution
dpoixCompound Poisson-Exponential distribution
dpowbendPuyeo's Power-bend discrete distribution
dpowerPower discrete distribution
dtruncLeft-truncation of density, probability and quantile of...
dvolkovNeutral Biodiversity Theory distribution by Volkov _et al._
dzipfZipf distribution
fitradML fitting of species rank-abundance distributions
fitrad-classClass '"fitrad"' for maximum likelihood fitting of species...
fitsadML fitting of species abundance distributions
fitsad-classClass '"fitsad"' for maximum likelihood fitting of species...
ICtabCompute table of information criteria and auxiliary info
likelregions-classClass '"likelregions"' for likelihood profiles of maximum...
mothsMoths caught with light traps at Rothamsted 1933-1936
octavFrequencies of species in octaves
octav-classClass '"octav"' for frequencies in abundance octaves
octavpredPredicted frequencies of species in octaves
oklandAbundances of land snail species in Norway
plotprofmleLog-likelihood profiles at original scale
ppsadPercentile-percentile plots for species-abundance and...
pred.logserPredicted number of species by Fisher's Logseries
qqsadQuantile-quantile plots for species-abundance and...
radRank-abundance data frame
rad-classClass '"rad"' for rank-abundance data
radpredPredicted ranked abundance of species
rsadSampling from a species abundance distribution
sads-packageMaximum Likelihood Models for Species Abundance Distributions
statsStandard stats methods
summary.sads-classSummary for fitsad/fitrad calls
updatesadUpdating of MLE fits by profiling
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