okland: Abundances of land snail species in Norway

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Number of individuals of 21 species of land snails caught in the vegetation in Norway, 1927.




A unnamed vector of 21 integers.


This is one of the data sets that Isao Motomura used to demonstrate his ‘law of geometric series’ of the abundance of species in a sample of a biological community. The abundance values and fitted series are in figure 2 of Motomura (1932).


Second column ('A') of table 5 of Okland (1930).


Motomura, I. 1932. On the statistical treatment of communities (in Japanese). Zool. Mag. (Tokyo) 44: 379–383. English translation in Appendix I in Doi, H. and Mori, T. 2012. The discovery of species-abundance distribution in an ecological community. Oikos 122: 179–182.

Okland, F. 1930. Quantitative Untersuchungen der Landschneckenfauna Norwegens. I. Zoomorphology 16: 748–804.

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