Man pages for scape
Statistical Catch-at-Age Plotting Environment

estNEstimate Effective Sample Size
estSigmaIEstimate Abundance Index Sigma
estSigmaREstimate Recruitment Sigma
getNExtract Sample Size
getSigmaIExtract Abundance Index Sigma
getSigmaRExtract Recruitment sigma
importADCAMImport ADCAM Model Results
importColImport Coleraine Model Results
importMCMCImport Coleraine MCMC Results
importProjImport Coleraine MCMC Projections
iterateGet Candidate Sigmas and Sample Sizes
plotBPlot Biomass, Recruitment, and Landings
plotCAPlot Catch at Age
plotCLPlot Catch at Length
plotIndexPlot Abundance Index
plotLAPlot Length at Age
plotNPlot Numbers at Age
plotSelPlot Selectivity and Maturity
scape-packageStatistical Catch-at-Age Plotting Environment
x.codCod Assessment
x.lingLing Assessment
xmcmcMCMC Results from Cod Assessment
x.oreoOreo Assessment
xprojMCMC Projections from Cod Assessment
x.saitheSaithe Assessment
x.sbwWhiting Assessment
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