scidb: An R Interface to SciDB

An R interface to the SciDB array database (

AuthorParadigm4, B. W. Lewis
Date of publication2015-04-01 19:29:44
MaintainerB. W. Lewis <>

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Man pages

aggregate-methods: Methods for Function 'aggregate' in Package 'scidb'

all.equal: Test if two SciDB arrays are equal in content

antijoin: antijoin

as.scidb: Upload an R vector, matrix or data.frame to a SciDB array.

attribute_rename: Rename an attribute.

bernoulli: Sample from populated cells in a SciDB array.

between: between

bind: bind

build: build

cast: Low-level SciDB cast operator

chunk_map: chunk_map

c-methods: Concatenate SciDB arrays

comparison-methods: Masking comparison methods from package 'scidb'

cumulate: cumulate

df2scidb: Copy a data frame into a SciDB array.

diff.scidb: diff

dimension_rename: Rename a dimension.

dimensions: dimensions

dimnames.scidb: dimnames

dim.scidb: dim

dist: Distance Matrix Computation

factor_scidb: Hybrid R/SciDB factors Fitting generalized linear models

grand-methods: Miscellaneous methods from package 'scidb'

hist-method: Methods for Function 'hist' in Package 'scidb'

hypergeometric-methods: Hypergeometric functions in Package 'scidb'

index_lookup: index_lookup

iquery: Simple SciDB query tool

is.scidb: is.scidb

is.scidbdf: is.scidbdf

is.temp: is.temp

kmeans: kmeans

lag: lag

length.scidb: length

levels_scidb: Hybrid R/SciDB factors

merge-methods: Methods for Function 'merge' in Package 'scidb'

na.locf-method: Methods for Function 'na.locf' in Package 'scidb'

names.scidb: Dimension names

nrow.scidb: Number of rows or columns of a SciDB matrix.

Ops.scidb: Binary scidb object operations.

order: Methods for Function 'order' in Package 'scidb'

peek: Sample from populated cells in a SciDB array.

persist: persist

predict.glm_scidb: Prediction for SciDB GLM fits

print.scidb: Print a summary of a SciDB array object.

project: project

quantile: Sample Quantiles

rank: Methods for Function 'rank' in Package 'scidb'

redimension: redimension

remove_old_versions: Remove all but most recent SciDB versions of an array.

rename: Rename a SciDB array.

repart: repart

replaceNA: Replace SciDB NULL values with another value.

reshape-method: Methods for Function 'reshape' in Package 'scidb'

schema: schema

scidb: Create a 'scidb' reference object.

scidb_attributes: Scidb schema utilities

scidb-class: Class '"scidb"'

scidbconnect: Connect to a SciDB database.

scidbdf-class: Class '"scidbdf"'

scidbdisconnect: Disconnect from a SciDB database.

scidbeval: scidbeval

scidb_fisher.test: scidb_fisher.test

scidblist: List SciDB database items.

scidb-package: SciDB interface package.

scidbremove: Remove an array.

show_commit_log: Display recent package software repository commit log entries

slice: Low-level SciDB slice operator

sort-methods: Methods for Function 'sort' in Package 'scidb'

str.scidb: Show the structure of a scidb object.

subarray: Wrapper for SciDB subarray and between operators

subset-methods: Methods for Function 'subset' in Package 'scidb'

summary.scidb: Summarize scidb object class.

svd: svd

sweep-methods: Methods for Function 'sweep' in Package 'scidb'

tsvd: tsvd

unbound: Return a bounded or unbounded version of a SciDB array


\%<=\% Man page
\%<\% Man page
\%==\% Man page
\%>=\% Man page
\%>\% Man page
\%!=\% Man page
abs,scidbdf-method Man page
abs,scidb-method Man page
acos,scidbdf-method Man page
acos,scidb-method Man page
aggregate Man page
aggregate,scidbdf-method Man page
aggregate,scidb-method Man page
all.equal.scidb Man page
all.equal.scidbdf Man page
antijoin Man page
apply,scidb-method Man page
asin,scidbdf-method Man page
asin,scidb-method Man page
as.scidb Man page
atan,scidbdf-method Man page
atan,scidb-method Man page
attribute_rename Man page
bernoulli Man page
between Man page
bind Man page
bound Man page
build Man page
c Man page
cast Man page
chunk_map Man page
cos,scidbdf-method Man page
cos,scidb-method Man page
count Man page
count,scidbdf-method Man page
count,scidb-method Man page
crossprod,scidb,missing-method Man page
crossprod,scidb,scidb-method Man page
c,scidbdf-method Man page
cumulate Man page
df2scidb Man page
diag,scidb-method Man page
diff.scidb Man page
dimension_rename Man page
dimensions Man page
dimnames.scidb Man page
dim.scidb Man page
dist Man page
dist,scidb-method Man page
exp,scidbdf-method Man page
exp,scidb-method Man page
factor_scidb Man page
Filter Man page
Filter,character,scidbdf-method Man page
Filter,character,scidb-method Man page
glm Man page
glm,ANY,ANY,scidbdf-method Man page Man page,scidb,ANY,MNSN-method Man page,scidb-method Man page
head,scidbdf-method Man page
head,scidb-method Man page
hist Man page
hist,scidbdf-method Man page
hist,scidb-method Man page
image Man page
image,scidb-method Man page
index_lookup Man page
iqdf Man page
iquery Man page
is.scidb Man page
is.scidb,ANY-method Man page
is.scidbdf Man page
is.scidbdf,ANY-method Man page
is.scidbdf,scidbdf-method Man page
is.temp Man page
kmeans Man page
kmeans,scidb-method Man page
lag Man page
lag,scidb-method Man page
length.scidb Man page
levels_scidb Man page
\%*\%,matrix,scidb-method Man page
max Man page
max,scidbdf-method Man page
max,scidb-method Man page
mean Man page
mean,scidbdf-method Man page
mean,scidb-method Man page
median Man page
median,scidbdf-method Man page
median,scidb-method Man page
merge Man page
merge,scidbdf-method Man page
merge,scidb-method Man page
min Man page
min,scidbdf-method Man page
min,scidb-method Man page
model_scidb Man page
na.locf Man page
na.locf,scidbdf-method Man page
na.locf,scidb-method Man page
names.scidb Man page
ncol.scidb Man page
nrow.scidb Man page
\%*\%,numeric,scidb-method Man page
Ops.scidb Man page
order,ANY-method Man page
order.scidb Man page
order,scidb-method Man page
order.scidb,scidb-method Man page
peek Man page
persist Man page
phyper Man page
phyper,scidb_or_scidbdf-method Man page
predict Man page
predict.glm_scidb Man page
print.scidb Man page
print,scidbdf-method Man page
print,scidb-method Man page
project Man page
qhyper Man page
qhyper,scidb_or_scidbdf-method Man page
quantile.scidb Man page
quantile.scidbdf Man page
rank Man page
rank,scidb-method Man page
redimension Man page
regrid Man page
regrid,scidbdf-method Man page
regrid,scidb-method Man page
remove_old_versions Man page
rename Man page
repart Man page
replaceNA Man page
reshape Man page
reshape,scidbdf-method Man page
reshape,scidb-method Man page
schema Man page
scidb Man page
scidb_attributes Man page
scidb-class Man page
scidbconnect Man page
scidb_coordinate_bounds Man page
scidb_coordinate_chunksize Man page
scidb_coordinate_end Man page
scidb_coordinate_overlap Man page
scidb_coordinate_start Man page
scidbdf-class Man page
\%<=\%,scidbdf-method Man page
\%<\%,scidbdf-method Man page
\%==\%,scidbdf-method Man page
\%>=\%,scidbdf-method Man page
\%>\%,scidbdf-method Man page
\%!=\%,scidbdf-method Man page
scidbdisconnect Man page
scidbeval Man page
scidb_fisher.test Man page
scidblist Man page
scidbls Man page
\%*\%,scidb,matrix-method Man page
\%<=\%,scidb-method Man page
\%<\%,scidb-method Man page
\%==\%,scidb-method Man page
\%>=\%,scidb-method Man page
\%>\%,scidb-method Man page
\%!=\%,scidb-method Man page
scidb_nullable Man page
\%*\%,scidb,numeric-method Man page
scidb-package Man page
scidbremove Man page
scidbrm Man page
\%*\%,scidb,scidbdf-method Man page
\%*\%,scidb,scidb-method Man page
scidb_types Man page
sd Man page
sd,scidbdf-method Man page
sd,scidb-method Man page
show_commit_log Man page
show,scidbdf-method Man page
show,scidb-method Man page
sin,scidbdf-method Man page
sin,scidb-method Man page
slice Man page
sort,scidbdf-method Man page
sort,scidb-method Man page
sqrt,scidbdf-method Man page
sqrt,scidb-method Man page
str.scidb Man page
subarray Man page
subset Man page
subset,scidbdf-method Man page
subset,scidb-method Man page
sum Man page
summary.scidb Man page
sum,scidbdf-method Man page
sum,scidb-method Man page
svd Man page
svd,scidb-method Man page
sweep Man page
sweep,scidb-method Man page
tail,scidbdf-method Man page
tail,scidb-method Man page
tan,scidbdf-method Man page
tan,scidb-method Man page
tcrossprod,scidb,missing-method Man page
tcrossprod,scidb,scidb-method Man page
t,scidb-method Man page
tsvd Man page
tsvd,scidb-method Man page
unbound Man page
unpack,scidbdf-method Man page
unpack,scidb-method Man page
var Man page
var,scidbdf-method Man page
var,scidb-method Man page
xgrid Man page
xgrid,scidbdf-method Man page
xgrid,scidb-method Man page


scidb/R/classes.R scidb/R/scidb-arithmetic.R scidb/R/scidbdf-methods.R scidb/R/aggregate.R scidb/R/pkg.R scidb/R/glm.R scidb/R/scidbdf-functions.R scidb/R/utility.R scidb/R/scidb-indexing-functions.R scidb/R/distributions.R scidb/R/scidb-functions.R scidb/R/schema-utils.R scidb/R/redim.R scidb/R/special_index.R scidb/R/scidb-methods.R scidb/R/merge.R scidb/R/misc.R scidb/R/dbops.R
scidb/man/str.scidb.Rd scidb/man/replaceNA.Rd scidb/man/scidb.Rd scidb/man/unbound.Rd scidb/man/hist-method.Rd scidb/man/as.scidb.Rd scidb/man/factor_scidb.Rd scidb/man/cast.Rd scidb/man/tsvd.Rd scidb/man/scidbeval.Rd scidb/man/chunk_map.Rd scidb/man/quantile.Rd scidb/man/schema.Rd scidb/man/diff.scidb.Rd scidb/man/antijoin.Rd scidb/man/scidb-class.Rd scidb/man/iquery.Rd scidb/man/svd.Rd scidb/man/remove_old_versions.Rd scidb/man/dim.scidb.Rd scidb/man/all.equal.Rd scidb/man/attribute_rename.Rd scidb/man/bind.Rd scidb/man/scidbremove.Rd scidb/man/subset-methods.Rd scidb/man/Ops.scidb.Rd scidb/man/sort-methods.Rd scidb/man/names.scidb.Rd scidb/man/levels_scidb.Rd scidb/man/show_commit_log.Rd scidb/man/between.Rd scidb/man/dimensions.Rd scidb/man/scidb_fisher.test.Rd scidb/man/predict.glm_scidb.Rd scidb/man/hypergeometric-methods.Rd scidb/man/subarray.Rd scidb/man/index_lookup.Rd scidb/man/project.Rd scidb/man/df2scidb.Rd scidb/man/scidb_attributes.Rd scidb/man/kmeans.Rd scidb/man/cumulate.Rd scidb/man/redimension.Rd scidb/man/scidbconnect.Rd scidb/man/ scidb/man/comparison-methods.Rd scidb/man/rename.Rd scidb/man/bernoulli.Rd scidb/man/build.Rd scidb/man/dimnames.scidb.Rd scidb/man/c-methods.Rd scidb/man/scidblist.Rd scidb/man/merge-methods.Rd scidb/man/is.scidbdf.Rd scidb/man/na.locf-method.Rd scidb/man/peek.Rd scidb/man/repart.Rd scidb/man/slice.Rd scidb/man/print.scidb.Rd scidb/man/order.Rd scidb/man/length.scidb.Rd scidb/man/summary.scidb.Rd scidb/man/sweep-methods.Rd scidb/man/persist.Rd scidb/man/dist.Rd scidb/man/reshape-method.Rd scidb/man/aggregate-methods.Rd scidb/man/scidb-package.Rd scidb/man/is.temp.Rd scidb/man/grand-methods.Rd scidb/man/lag.Rd scidb/man/nrow.scidb.Rd scidb/man/scidbdisconnect.Rd scidb/man/is.scidb.Rd scidb/man/rank.Rd scidb/man/scidbdf-class.Rd scidb/man/dimension_rename.Rd

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