scidb: An R Interface to SciDB

An R interface to the 'SciDB' array database <>.

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AuthorB. W. Lewis [cre, aut], Alex Poliakov [aut]
Date of publication2017-04-14 23:05:25 UTC
MaintainerB. W. Lewis <>

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Man pages

afl: Create an AFL expression

aflhelp: Display SciDB AFL operator documentation

as.R: Download SciDB data to R

as.scidb: Upload R data to SciDB

at_least: Returns TRUE if version string x is greater than or equal to...

cov: Covariance matrix This function is more limited than R's...

df2scidb: Internal function to upload an R data frame to SciDB

digest_auth: Convenience function for digest authentication.

dimnames.scidb: Names of array dimensions

fwrite: Fast write.table/textConnection substitute

getpwd: Simple utility to interactively enter a password without...

grapes-as-grapes: AFL array aliasing

grapes-as-grapes-scidb-method: AFL arrary aliasing

help-operator-method: AFL operator help

iquery: Run a SciDB query, optionally returning the result.

ls-afl-method: List contents of a SciDB database

names.scidb: SciDB dimension and attribute names

operators: Base SciDB operators Print a summary of a 'afl' SciDB database connection object

print-afl-method: Print a summary of a 'afl' SciDB database connection object

print-scidb-method: Print a summary of a 'scidb' object

rsub: Substitute scalar-valued R expressions into an AFL expression...

schema: SciDB array schema

scidb: Create an R reference to a SciDB array or expression.

scidbconnect: Connect to a SciDB database

scidb-package: SciDB/R Interface

scidb_prefix: Register an AFL prefix expression

scidb_unpack_to_dataframe: Unpack and return a SciDB query expression as a data frame

show-afl-method: Print a summary of a 'afl' object

show-scidb-method: Print a summary of a 'scidb' object

store: Evaluate an expression to 'scidb' or 'scidb' objects Update available AFL operators


afl Man page
aflhelp Man page
\%as\% Man page
as.R Man page
as.scidb Man page
\%as\%,scidb-method Man page
at_least Man page
cov,scidb-method Man page
df2scidb Man page
digest_auth Man page
dimnames.scidb Man page
fwrite Man page
getpwd Man page
help,operator-method Man page
iquery Man page
ls,afl-method Man page
names.scidb Man page
operators Man page Man page
print,afl-method Man page
print,scidb-method Man page
rsub Man page
schema Man page
scidb Man page
scidbconnect Man page
scidb-package Man page
scidb_prefix Man page
scidb_unpack_to_dataframe Man page
show,afl-method Man page
show,scidb-method Man page
store Man page Man page

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