Man pages for scidb
An R Interface to SciDB

aflhelpDisplay SciDB AFL operator documentation
as.RDownload SciDB data to R
as.scidbUpload R data to SciDB
at_leastReturns TRUE if version string x is greater than or equal to...
covCovariance matrix This function is more limited than R's...
df2scidbInternal function to upload an R data frame to SciDB
digest_authConvenience function for digest authentication.
dimnames.scidbNames of array dimensions
dot-attsplitterInternal function for processing SciDB attribute schema
dot-dimsplitterInternal function for processing SciDB dimension schema
dot-scidbevalAn important internal convenience function that returns a...
fwriteFast write.table/textConnection substitute
getpwdSimple utility to interactively enter a password without...
grapes-as-grapesAFL array aliasing
grapes-as-grapes-scidb-methodAFL arrary aliasing
help-operator-methodAFL operator help
iqueryRun a SciDB query, optionally returning the result.
ls-afl-methodList contents of a SciDB database
names.scidbSciDB dimension and attribute names
operatorsBase SciDB operators
print.aflPrint a summary of a 'afl' SciDB database connection object
print-afl-methodPrint a summary of a 'afl' SciDB database connection object
print-scidb-methodPrint a summary of a 'scidb' object
rsubSubstitute scalar-valued R expressions into an AFL expression...
schemaSciDB array schema
scidbCreate an R reference to a SciDB array or expression.
scidbconnectConnect to a SciDB database
scidb-packageSciDB/R Interface
scidb_prefixRegister an AFL prefix expression
scidb_unpack_to_dataframeUnpack and return a SciDB query expression as a data frame
show-afl-methodPrint a summary of a 'afl' object
show-scidb-methodPrint a summary of a 'scidb' object
storeEvaluate an expression to 'scidb' or 'scidb' objects
update.aflUpdate available AFL operators
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