scidb-package: SciDB interface package.

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The scidb package provides basic functions that move data between R and SciDB and issue SciDB queries.

The package defines two R classes that facilitate programming with SciDB. The scidb class defines an n-dimensional sparse array class. The scidbdf class defines a data frame class. Data for scidb and scidbdf objects are backed by the SciDB database and operations on them are conducted by SciDB.


Package: scidb
Type: Package
Version: 0.0
Date: 2012-07-18
License: GPL3
Depends: methods

Package options:

  • options(scidb.index.sequence.limit=1000000) Maximum allowed sequential index limit (for larger use between)

  • options(scidb.max.array.elements=100000000) Maximum allowed elements in an array return result

  • options(scidb.version=13.9) The scidb.version option is set during scidbconnect(). However, users may carefully override it to enable certain bug fixes specific to older versions of SciDB

  • options(scidb.gemm_chunk_size=1000) Default gemm chunk size

  • options(scidb.default_shim_port=8080L) Default shim port

  • options(scidb.default_shim_host="localhost") Default shim host

  • options(scidb.safe_remove=TRUE) Require force=TRUE to remove non-session arrays

  • options(scidb.verifyhost=FALSE) Set TRUE to reverse host lookup in SSL sessions

  • options(scidb.interrupt=TRUE) Set FALSE to disable user interruptable HTTP transactions

  • options( Set TRUE to enable streaming data through the shim interface to SciDB (avoids copying query output data to a file on the server), see


B. W. Lewis <>

Maintainer: B. W. Lewis <>

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