Man pages for sdcMicro
Statistical Disclosure Control Methods for Anonymization of Data and Risk Estimation

addNoiseAdding noise to perturb data
calcRisksRecompute Risk and Frequencies for a sdcMicroObj
casc1Small Artificial Data set
CASCrefmicrodataCensus data set
createNewIDCreates new randomized IDs
dataGenFast generation of synthetic data
dRiskoveral disclosure risk
dRiskRMDRMD based disclosure risk
dUtilitydata utility
EIAEIA data set
extractManipDataRemove certain variables from the data set inside a sdc...
francdatdata from the casc project
free1Demo data set from mu-Argus
freqCalcFrequencies calculation for risk estimation
generateStrataGenerate one strata variable from multiple factors
globalRecodeGlobal Recoding
groupAndRenameJoin levels of a variables in an object of class...
indivRiskIndividual Risk computation
LLmodGlobalRiskGlobal risk using log-linear models.
LocalRecProgLocal recoding via Edmond's maximum weighted matching...
localSuppLocal Suppression
localSuppressionLocal Suppression to obtain k-anonymity
mafastFast and Simple Microaggregation
measure_riskDisclosure Risk for Categorical Variables
mergeHouseholdDataReplaces the raw household-level data with the anonymized...
microaggrGowerMicroaggregation for numerical and categorical key variables...
modRiskGlobal risk using log-linear models.
mvTopCodingDetection and winsorization of multivariate outliers
plot.localSuppressionplot method for localSuppression objects
plotMicroComparison plots
plot.sdcMicroObjPlotfunctions for objects of class 'sdcMicroObj-class'
pramPost Randomization
print.freqCalcPrint method for objects from class freqCalc.
print.indivRiskPrint method for objects from class indivRisk
print.localSuppressionPrint method for objects from class localSuppression
print.microPrint method for objects from class micro
print.modriskPrint method for objects from class modrisk
print.pramPrint method for objects from class pram
print.sdcMicroObjPrint and Extractor Functions for objects of class...
print.suda2Print method for objects from class suda2
rankSwapRank Swapping
removeDirectIDRemove certain variables from the data set inside a sdc...
reportGenerate an Html-report from an sdcMicroObj
sdcMicroObj-classClass '"sdcMicroObj"'
sdcMicro-packageStatistical Disclosure Control (SDC) for the generation of...
selectHouseholdDataCreates a household level file from a dataset with a...
shuffleShuffling and EGADP
suda2Suda2: Detecting Special Uniques
summary.freqCalcSummary method for objects from class freqCalc
summary.microSummary method for objects from class micro
summary.pramSummary method for objects from class pram
TarragonaTarragona data set
testdataA real-world data set on household income and expenditures
topBotCodingTop and Bottom Coding
valTableComparison of different microaggregation methods
varToFactorChange the a keyVariable of an object of class...
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