Man pages for sdm
Species Distribution Modelling

addadd a new method to the package
arithmCombine (merge) two sdmModels into a single object a data.frame with record id values (rID)
coordinatesget or set spatial coordinates of species data
ensembleEnsemble Forecasting of SDMs
evaluatesevaluate for accuracy
extractIndexIndexing to extract records of a sdmdata object
featuresFrame-classfeatureFrame class
getModelInfoGet information/modelIDs relevant to fitted models in a...
guiGraphical User Interface
installAllinstall all packages that may be required by the package
namesNames of species
nicheGenerate and plot Ecological Niche
predictsdm model prediction
read.sdmread/write sdm* object from/to a file
responseGenerate and plot response curves
rocplot ROC curves
sdmFit and evaluate species distribution models
sdmCorrelativeMethod-classsdmCorrelativeMethod class
sdmDatacreating sdm Data object
sdmdata-classAn S4 class representing sdm dataset
sdmModel-classsdmModels classes
sdmSettingcreating sdmSetting object
subsetSubset models in a sdmModels object
varImportancevariable importance
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