popn: Population Object

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Encapsulate the locations of a set of individual animals.


An object of class popn records the locations of a set of individuals, together with ancillary data such as their sex. Often used for a realisation of a spatial point process (e.g. homogeneous Poisson) with known density (intensity). Locations are stored in a data frame with columns ‘x’ and ‘y’.

A popn object has attributes

covariates data frame with numeric, factor or character variables to be used as individual covariates
model2D 2-D distribution ("poisson", "cluster", "IHP", "linear" etc.)
Ndist distribution of number of individuals ("poisson", "fixed")
boundingbox data frame of 4 rows, the vertices of the rectangular area

The number of rows in covariates must match the length of x and y. See sim.popn for more information on Ndist and model2D.


The popn class is used only occasionally: it is not central to spatially explicit capture recapture.

See Also

sim.popn, plot.popn, transformations

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