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Visualisation Toolbox for 'easystats' and Extra Geoms, Themes and Color Palettes for 'ggplot2'

add_plot_attributesComplete figure with its attributes
data_plotPrepare objects for plotting or plot objects
flat_colorsExtract Flat UI colors as hex codes
geom_point2Better looking points
geom_poolpointPool ball points
geom_violindotHalf-violin Half-dot plot
geom_violinhalfHalf-violin plot
how_to_plotHow to plot your object
material_colorsExtract material design colors as hex codes
metro_colorsExtract Metro colors as hex codes
palette_flatFlat UI color palette
palette_materialMaterial design color palette
palette_metroMetro color palette
palette_pizzaPizza color palette
palette_socialSocial color palette
pizza_colorsExtract pizza colors as hex codes
plotsMultiple plots side by side
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
scale_color_flatFlat UI color palette
scale_color_materialMaterial design color palette
scale_color_metroMetro color palette
scale_color_pizzaPizza color palette
scale_color_socialSocial color palette
social_colorsExtract Social colors as hex codes
theme_abyssAbyss theme
theme_blackboardBlackboard dark theme
theme_lucidLucid theme
theme_modernThe easystats' minimal theme
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