Man pages for sensR
Thurstonian Models for Sensory Discrimination

AnotAAnalysis of A-not-A tests
AUCAUC computation
betabinBeta-binomial and chance-corrected beta-binomial models for...
cllsCumulative Link Location-Scale Models
clm2twoACExtract 2-AC coefficient table from a cumulative link model
confintConfidence intervals and profile likelihoods for parameters...
discrimSensory discrimination analysis
discrimPwrSensory discrimination power analysis
discrimRReplicated Thurstonian Model for discrimination analysis
discrimSimSimulates replicated difference tests
discrimSSSensory discrimination sample size calculation
dodThurstonian Degree-of-Difference (DOD) model
dodControlControl settings for the dod function
dod_fitDirect fitter of the Thurstonian Degree-of-Difference (DOD)...
dodPwrPower of the Degree-of-Difference (DOD) method
dodSimSimulate data from the Degree-of-Difference model
dod_utilsUtility functions for the Degree-of-Difference model
dprime_compareTest the 'any-differences' hypothesis and estimate common...
dprime_posthocPost-hoc estimates and tests for multiple discrimination...
dprime_tableSummary table of several discrimination experiments using the...
dprime_testTest of simple hypothesis with the common d-prime
duotrioCreate duotrio binomial family
findcrFind the critical value of a one-tailed binomial test
hexadCreate hexad binomial family
plot.discrimPlot function for discrim objects
plot.samediffPlot function for samediff objects
profile.discrimProfile likelihood and confidence interval methods for...
profile.samediffProfile likelihood methods for samediff objects.
rescaleTransform or rescale between pc, pd and d-prime for sensory...
ROCPlot the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve
samediffComputation of tau and dprime for same different test
samediffPwrPower Analysis for Same-different Experiments
samediffSimSimulates data from a samediff test
SDTSignal Detection Theory Computation of d-prime
sensR-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in sensR Package
summary.samediffSummary method for samediff objects.
tetradCreate tetrad binomial family
threeAFCCreate 3-AFC binomial family
triangleCreate triangle binomial family
twoAC2-AC Discrimination and Preference Protocol
twoACpwrExact Power Computation for the 2-AC Discrimination Protocol
twoAFCCreate 2-AFC binomial family
twofiveCreate twofive binomial family
twofiveFCreate twofiveF binomial family
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