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Simulate Stock-Flow Consistent Models

abortifnotAbort if not
dot-abort_if_dupAbort if duplicated variables
dot-abort_typo_codeAbort if typo on the codes of columns
dot-abort_water_leakcAbort if column validation is not fulfilled
dot-abort_water_leakrAbort if row validation is not fulfilled
dot-add_time2Find dependencies and order the equations
dot-add_time_stampsFind dependencies and order the equations
dot-all_equalCheck if all values in x are equal
dot-args_to_rowTake arguments and make them a row of a tibble
dot-broyden_solverBroyden solver algorithm
dot-check_external_consistencyCheck shocks for length consistency and warn about risks of...
dot-check_shock_consistencyCheck shocks for length consistency and warn about risks of...
dot-check_symmetryCheck that symmetry condition is valid and fulfill missing...
dot-eq_as_tbSplit the formulae into a 'tibble' with the left-hand side...
dot-extend_baseline_matrixExtend a baseline matrix
dot-fill_rows_and_colsFill all possible rows and columns and validate
dot-find_blocksFind blocks of independent equations (wrapper around 'igraph'...
dot-find_namesFind names for display matrix
dot-get_matrixGet numeric matrix for evaluation from balance-sheet or...
dot-is_equalCheck if two values are equal
dot-make_matrixMake the underlying matrix that will be modified in place by...
dot-prep_broydenPrep equations for Broyden and Newton solvers
dot-prep_equationsRe-wrote the equations with the correct matrix syntax that...
dot-pvarPattern replacement var
dot-pvarlagPattern replacement lag
dot-return_loopsFind cyclical nodes
dot-scan_colsScan columns to fill whenever there's only one value missing.
dot-scan_rowsScan rows to fill whenever there's only one value missing.
dot-sfcr_broydenBroyden solver wrapper
dot-sfcr_eqs_checkCheck for missing endogenous variables
dot-sfcr_find_adjacencyFind adjacency matrix for a system of equations
dot-sfcr_find_orderPlace the equations in the correct order for estimation
dot-sfcr_gauss_seidelGauss Seidel algorithm
dot-sfcr_make_scenario_matrixMake matrix for scenario calculations
dot-sfcr_newtonNewton-Raphson solver implemented with...
dot-to_latex_styleTransform entries into latex style
dot-validate_matrixValidate a balance-sheet or transactions-flow matrix on the...
dot-validate_scanCheck that the portfolio matrix respect the horizontal and...
new_sfcr_mltsfcr_mlt constructor
new_sfcr_mlt_setsfcr_mlt_set constructor
new_sfcr_mlt_shocksfcr_mlt_shock constructor
new_sfcr_setsfcr_set constructor
new_sfcr_tblnew_sfcr_tbl constructor
pipePipe operator
sfcr_baselineSimulate the baseline scenario of a stock-flow consistent...
sfcr_dag_blocksCreate a 'tbl_graph' object blocks and cycles information
sfcr_dag_blocks_plotPlot the DAG with blocks and cycles information
sfcr_dag_cyclesCreate a 'tbl_graph' object with cycles information
sfcr_dag_cycles_plotPlot the DAG with cycles information
sfcr_expandExpand variables to implement sensitivity analysis
sfcr_get_blocksGet block structure of a 'sfcr_tbl' object
sfcr_get_matrixGet Matrix form of 'sfcr_tbl' object
sfcr_matrixCreate balance-sheet or transactions-flow matrices
sfcr_matrix_displayPrint matrix to screen
sfcr_multisSimulate multiple SFC models at the same time
sfcr_portfolioFind a valid matrix of portfolio parameters
sfcr_randomGenerate random sequences inside 'sfcr_set()'
sfcr_sankeyPlot Sankey's diagram representation of transactions-flow...
sfcr_scenarioAdd scenarios to a 'sfcr' model.
sfcr_setDefine the formulas of the model
sfcr_set_indexGet names of endogenous vars and their index
sfcr_shockCreate shock(s) to add to a 'sfcr_scenario()'.
sfcr_validateValidate a transactions-flow or balance-sheet matrix
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