sgof: Multiple Hypothesis Testing

Seven different methods for multiple testing problems. The SGoF-type methods and the BH and BY false discovery rate controlling procedures.

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AuthorIrene Castro Conde and Jacobo de Una Alvarez
Date of publication2016-04-18 11:38:00
MaintainerIrene Castro Conde <>

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Bayesian.SGoF Man page
BBSGoF Man page
Benjamini-Hochberg Man page
Benjamini-Yekutieli Man page
BH Man page
Binomial.SGoF Man page
BY Man page
Discrete.SGoF Man page
Hedenfalk Man page
plot.BBSGoF Man page
plot.BH Man page
plot.Binomial.SGoF Man page
plot.BY Man page
plot.SGoF Man page
print.Bayesian.SGoF Man page
print.BBSGoF Man page
print.BH Man page
print.Binomial.SGoF Man page
print.BY Man page
print.Discrete.SGoF Man page
print.SGoF Man page
sgof Man page
SGoF Man page
sgof-package Man page
summary.Bayesian.SGoF Man page
summary.BBSGoF Man page
summary.BH Man page
summary.Binomial.SGoF Man page
summary.BY Man page
summary.SGoF Man page

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