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Multiple Hypothesis Testing

Bayesian.SGoFBayesian SGoF multiple testing procedure
BBSGoFBBSGoF multiple testing procedure.
BHBenjamini-Hochberg (BH) multiple testing procedure
Binomial.SGoFBinomial SGoF multiple testing procedure
BYBenjamini-Yekutieli (BY) multiple testing procedure
Discrete.SGoFDiscrete SGoF multiple testing procedure
HedenfalkHedenfalk data
plot.BBSGoFPlot of a BBSGoF object.
plot.BHPlot of a BH object
plot.Binomial.SGoFPlot of a Binomial.SGoF object
plot.BYPlot of a BY object
plot.SGoFPlot of a SGoF object
SGoFConservative SGoF multiple testing procedure
sgof-packageMultiple hypothesis testing
summary.Bayesian.SGoFSummary of a Bayesian.SGoF object
summary.BBSGoFSummary of a BBSGoF object
summary.BHSummary of a BH object
summary.Binomial.SGoFSummary of a Binomial.SGoF object
summary.BYSummary of a BY object
summary.SGoFSummary of a SGoF object
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