Man pages for siar
Stable Isotope Analysis in R

allgroupsThe entire set of Geese isotope data
bayesMVNBayesian MVN
bayestwoNormBayesian Independent Normal Distributions
concdepdemoConcentration dependence values for the geese demo data
convexhullConvex Hull
correctionsdemoFractionation correction values for the geese data
geese1demoA single group of the geese data
geese2demoA multi-group version of the geese plasma data
hullareaConvex Hull Area
laymanmetricsIsotope-space Niche Width Metrics
newgraphwindowOpens a new graphics window on a variety of platforms
overlapArea of overlap between two estimated ellipses
panelcontourAdds contours to a matrix plot
panelcorAdds correlations to a matrix plot
panelhistAdds histograms to the diagonal of a matrix plot
plotSigmaEllipsePlot an ellipse based on a correlation matrix
popSEAStandard Ellipse Metrics for the Population
siaraddcrossPlotting tool for adding isotope bi-plot data to a figure
siardemoRuns the siar model and some nice plots for the siar package
siardensityplotSIAR's Custom Density Plot
siarelicitElicit prior parameters for the Dirichlet distribution.
siarhdrsCreates hdrs and convergence diagnostics from siar output
siarhistogramsProduce neat siar histograms
siarloaddataLoads in siar data
siarmatrixplotMatrix plots of siar output
siarmcmcdirichletv4MCMC for stable isotope data
siarmenuA list of menu options for running the siar package
siarmultigrouprunsiar MCMC for multi-group data
siar-packageStable Isotope Analysis in R.
siarplotdataProduces plots of target data and sources
siarplotdatawrapperHandles repeated plotting instructions for siarplotdata()
siarplottargetPlots the consumers' data in isotope space
siarproportionbygroupplotsiar proportion plots by group
siarproportionbysourceplotsiar proportion plots by source
siarsaveoutputSaves siar output to a file
siarsinglegrouprunsiar MCMC for single group data
siarsolomcmcv4MCMC for stable isotope data with only single target...
siarsolomultigrouprunsiar MCMC for multi-group data with only one target organism...
siarsolosinglegrouprunsiar MCMC for single group data with only one organism
siber.ellipsesThe SIBER method for calculating ellipse based metrics of...
siber.hull.metricsThe SIBER method for calculating Convex Hull based metrics of...
sourcesdemoSource (in this case plant) isotope values
standard.ellipseStandard Ellipse
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