siarmenu: A list of menu options for running the siar package

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Brings up a list of menu options which allow the user to run MCMC and produce some plots




The internal workings of this function uses a list called siardata containing some or all of the following parts: targets, sources, corrections, PATH, TITLE, numgroups, numdata, numsources, numiso, SHOULDRUN, GRAPHSONLY, EXIT, and output. Targets, sources and corrections are the isotopic values, source values and fractionation correction values respectively. PATH is the path used to get to the files. TITLE is the title to be used on most of the graphs. Numgroups, numdata, numsources and numiso are the number of groups, number of data points, number of sources and number of isotopes respectively. SHOULDRUN, GRAPHSONLY and EXIT are used to determine which parts of the menu system can be accessed.


Andrew Parnell

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Example output

Loading required package: hdrcde
Loading required package: mvtnorm
hdrcde 3.1 loaded

Loading required package: coda
Loading required package: MASS
Loading required package: bayesm
Loading required package: mnormt
Loading required package: spatstat
Loading required package: nlme
Loading required package: rpart

spatstat 1.52-1       (nickname: 'Apophenia') 
For an introduction to spatstat, type 'beginner' 

Attaching package: 'spatstat'

The following object is masked from 'package:MASS':


Attaching package: 'siar'

The following object is masked from 'package:spatstat':


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