siarelicit: Elicit prior parameters for the Dirichlet distribution.

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Allows users to enter mean estimated proportions and a standard deviation term so that useful prior distributions can be enterred into the siarmcmcdirichletv4 function.





A list containing some or all of the following parts: targets, sources, corrections, PATH, TITLE, numgroups, numdata, numsources, numiso, SHOULDRUN, GRAPHSONLY, EXIT, and output. For more details of these inputs see the siarmenu function.


Uses standard results from the Dirichlet distibution to turn the estimated mean proportions M[i] and a variance term V[1] to give the estimated parameters a[i] via:

a[i] = M[i] ( (M[1] (1-M[1]))/V[1] - 1 )

Note that V can be given for any of the k sources.


Andrew Parnell

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