siarplotdata: Produces plots of target data and sources

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Produces colourful scatter plots of siar target data and sources.


siarplotdata(siardata, siarversion = 0, grp=1:siardata$numgroups,panel=NULL,isos=c(0,0),leg=1)



A list containing some or all of the following parts: targets, sources, corrections, PATH, TITLE, numgroups, numdata, numsources, numiso, SHOULDRUN, GRAPHSONLY, EXIT, and output. For more details of these inputs see the siarmenu function.


The siar version number as a string.


A vector containing the groups of target consumer data to be rendered on the graph. Default value NULL draws all groups. Groups are identified by their own data marker.


A scalar value that determines if the groups of consumer data are to be drawn on the same graph (default=NULL) or on seperate panels within a single figure. Number of rows and columns of panels can be specified by a 2 element vector. Alternatively, giving a single value e.g. panel=1 will cause the program to attempt to fit a "reasonable" number of panels to each row and column.


A two element vector containing the reference to each isotope combination for the x and y axis to be rendered in teh figure. Note, only relevant for datasets contianing >2 isotopes. By default, if there are more than two isotopes, seperate figures will be created for all possible combinations of isotopes.


A scalar determining how the legend is to be created. Default leg=1 prompts the user to locate the legend on each figure. leg = 2, puts the legend in a new figure automatically (useful if you want to omit the legend but still want to retain access to the information). leg = 0 omits the legend entirely.


Can be called at any time after running siarloaddata or when running siarmenu


Andrew Parnell and Andrew Jackson

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