signal: Signal Processing

A set of signal processing functions originally written for 'Matlab' and 'Octave'. Includes filter generation utilities, filtering functions, resampling routines, and visualization of filter models. It also includes interpolation functions.

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AuthorUwe Ligges [aut, cre] (new maintainer), Tom Short [aut] (port to R), Paul Kienzle [aut] (majority of the original sources), Sarah Schnackenberg [ctb] (various test cases and bug fixes), David Billinghurst [ctb], Hans-Werner Borchers [ctb], Andre Carezia [ctb], Pascal Dupuis [ctb], John W. Eaton [ctb], E. Farhi [ctb], Kai Habel [ctb], Kurt Hornik [ctb], Sebastian Krey [ctb], Bill Lash [ctb], Friedrich Leisch [ctb], Olaf Mersmann [ctb], Paulo Neis [ctb], Jaakko Ruohio [ctb], Julius O. Smith III [ctb], Doug Stewart [ctb], Andreas Weingessel [ctb]
Date of publication2015-07-30 00:17:37
MaintainerUwe Ligges <>

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Man pages

an: Complex unit phasor of the given angle in degrees.

Arma: Create an autoregressive moving average (ARMA) model.

bilinear: Bilinear transformation

butter: Generate a Butterworth filter.

buttord: Butterworth filter order and cutoff

cheb1ord: Chebyshev type-I filter order and cutoff

chebwin: Dolph-Chebyshev window coefficients

cheby1: Generate a Chebyshev filter.

chirp: A chirp signal

conv: Convolution

decimate: Decimate or downsample a signal

ellip: Elliptic or Cauer filter

ellipord: Elliptic filter order and cutoff

fftfilt: Filters with an FIR filter using the FFT

filter: Filter a signal

FilterOfOrder: Filter of given order and specifications.

filtfilt: Forward and reverse filter a signal

fir1: FIR filter generation

fir2: FIR filter generation

freqs: s-plane frequency response

freqz: z-plane frequency response

grpdelay: Group delay of a filter or model

ifft: Inverse FFT

impz: Impulse-response characteristics

interp: Interpolate / Increase the sample rate

interp1: Interpolation

kaiser: Kaiser window

kaiserord: Parameters for an FIR filter from a Kaiser window

levinson: Durbin-Levinson Recursion

Ma: Create a moving average (MA) model

medfilt1: Median filter

pchip: Piecewise cubic hermite interpolation

poly: Polynomial given roots

polyval: Evaluate a polynomial

remez: Parks-McClellan optimal FIR filter design

resample: Change the sampling rate of a signal

roots: Roots of a polynomial

sftrans: Transform filter band edges

sgolay: Savitzky-Golay smoothing filters

sgolayfilt: Apply a Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter

signal-internal: Internal or uncommented functions

signal.package: Signal processing

specgram: Spectrogram plot

spencer: Spencer filter

unwrap: Unwrap radian phases

wav: Example wav file

windowing: Windowing functions

Zpg: Zero-pole-gain model

zplane: Pole-zero plot


an Man page
Arma Man page
as.Arma Man page
as.Arma.Arma Man page
as.Arma.Ma Man page
as.Arma.Zpg Man page
as.Zpg Man page
as.Zpg.Arma Man page
as.Zpg.Ma Man page
as.Zpg.Zpg Man page
bartlett Man page
bilinear Man page
bilinear.Arma Man page
bilinear.default Man page
bilinear.Zpg Man page
blackman Man page
boxcar Man page
butter Man page
butter.default Man page
butter.FilterOfOrder Man page
buttord Man page
cheb Man page
cheb1ord Man page
chebwin Man page
cheby1 Man page
cheby1.default Man page
cheby1.FilterOfOrder Man page
cheby2 Man page
cheby2.default Man page
cheby2.FilterOfOrder Man page
chirp Man page
conv Man page
decimate Man page
ellip Man page
ellip.default Man page
ellip.FilterOfOrder Man page
ellipke Man page
ellipord Man page
fftfilt Man page
FftFilter Man page
filter Man page
filter.Arma Man page
filter.default Man page
filter.FftFilter Man page
filter.Ma Man page
filter.MedianFilter Man page
FilterOfOrder Man page
filter.sgolayFilter Man page
filter.Zpg Man page
filtfilt Man page
filtfilt.Arma Man page
filtfilt.default Man page
filtfilt.Ma Man page
filtfilt.Zpg Man page
fir1 Man page
fir2 Man page
flattopwin Man page
fractdiff Man page
freqs Man page
freqs.Arma Man page
freqs.default Man page
freqs.Ma Man page
freqs_plot Man page
freqs_plot.default Man page
freqs_plot.freqs Man page
freqz Man page
freqz.Arma Man page
freqz.default Man page
freqz.Ma Man page
freqz_plot Man page
freqz_plot.default Man page
freqz_plot.freqz Man page
gausswin Man page
grpdelay Man page
grpdelay.Arma Man page
grpdelay.default Man page
grpdelay.Ma Man page
grpdelay.Zpg Man page
hamming Man page
hanning Man page
ifft Man page
impz Man page
impz.Arma Man page
impz.default Man page
impz.Ma Man page
interp Man page
interp1 Man page
kaiser Man page
kaiserord Man page
levinson Man page
logseq Man page
Ma Man page
medfilt1 Man page
MedianFilter Man page
mkpp Man page
ncauer Man page
pchip Man page
plot.freqs Man page
plot.freqz Man page
plot.grpdelay Man page
plot.impz Man page
plot.specgram Man page
poly Man page
polyval Man page
postpad Man page
ppval Man page
print.freqs Man page
print.freqz Man page
print.grpdelay Man page
print.impz Man page
print.specgram Man page
remez Man page
resample Man page
roots Man page
sftrans Man page
sftrans.Arma Man page
sftrans.default Man page
sftrans.Ma Man page
sftrans.Zpg Man page
sgolay Man page
sgolayfilt Man page
signal Man page
signal-package Man page
sinc Man page
specgram Man page
spencer Man page
spencerFilter Man page
triang Man page
unwrap Man page
wav Man page
Zpg Man page
zplane Man page
zplane.Arma Man page
zplane.default Man page
zplane.Ma Man page
zplane.Zpg Man page


R/hanning.R R/poly.R R/bilinear.R R/sgolay.R R/chirp.R R/freqz.R R/decimate.R R/interp1.R R/ellipord.R R/butter.R R/resample.R R/buttord.R R/filter.R R/impz.R R/chebwin.R R/fir1.R R/filtfilt.R R/boxcar.R R/kaiserord.R R/levinson.R R/hamming.R R/cheb1ord.R R/fractdiff.R R/flattopwin.R R/fftfilt.R R/unwrap.R R/sgolayfilt.R R/pchip.R R/fir2.R R/interp.R R/bartlett.R R/cheby2.R R/gausswin.R R/sftrans.R R/triang.R R/cheby1.R R/blackman.R R/grpdelay.R R/freqs.R R/zplane.R R/ellip.R R/ellipke.R R/remez.R R/kaiser.R R/specgram.R
man/impz.Rd man/spencer.Rd man/grpdelay.Rd man/ifft.Rd man/Arma.Rd man/signal-internal.Rd man/windowing.Rd man/freqz.Rd man/specgram.Rd man/ellipord.Rd man/decimate.Rd man/chebwin.Rd man/fftfilt.Rd man/FilterOfOrder.Rd man/an.Rd man/polyval.Rd man/fir1.Rd man/Zpg.Rd man/signal.package.Rd man/cheb1ord.Rd man/sftrans.Rd man/filtfilt.Rd man/ellip.Rd man/remez.Rd man/kaiserord.Rd man/bilinear.Rd man/resample.Rd man/poly.Rd man/cheby1.Rd man/sgolayfilt.Rd man/chirp.Rd man/butter.Rd man/sgolay.Rd man/fir2.Rd man/pchip.Rd man/unwrap.Rd man/levinson.Rd man/conv.Rd man/interp1.Rd man/filter.Rd man/kaiser.Rd man/buttord.Rd man/zplane.Rd man/wav.Rd man/medfilt1.Rd man/roots.Rd man/freqs.Rd man/interp.Rd man/Ma.Rd

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