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Signal Processing

anComplex unit phasor of the given angle in degrees.
ArmaCreate an autoregressive moving average (ARMA) model.
bilinearBilinear transformation
butterGenerate a Butterworth filter.
buttordButterworth filter order and cutoff
cheb1ordChebyshev type-I filter order and cutoff
chebwinDolph-Chebyshev window coefficients
cheby1Generate a Chebyshev filter.
chirpA chirp signal
decimateDecimate or downsample a signal
ellipElliptic or Cauer filter
ellipordElliptic filter order and cutoff
fftfiltFilters with an FIR filter using the FFT
filterFilter a signal
FilterOfOrderFilter of given order and specifications.
filtfiltForward and reverse filter a signal
fir1FIR filter generation
fir2FIR filter generation
freqss-plane frequency response
freqzz-plane frequency response
grpdelayGroup delay of a filter or model
ifftInverse FFT
impzImpulse-response characteristics
interpInterpolate / Increase the sample rate
kaiserKaiser window
kaiserordParameters for an FIR filter from a Kaiser window
levinsonDurbin-Levinson Recursion
MaCreate a moving average (MA) model
medfilt1Median filter
pchipPiecewise cubic hermite interpolation
polyPolynomial given roots
polyvalEvaluate a polynomial
remezParks-McClellan optimal FIR filter design
resampleChange the sampling rate of a signal
rootsRoots of a polynomial
sftransTransform filter band edges
sgolaySavitzky-Golay smoothing filters
sgolayfiltApply a Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter
signal-internalInternal or uncommented functions
signal.packageSignal processing
specgramSpectrogram plot
spencerSpencer filter
unwrapUnwrap radian phases
wavExample wav file
windowingWindowing functions
ZpgZero-pole-gain model
zplanePole-zero plot
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