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signalHsmm predicts presence of signal peptides in eukaryotic proteins using hidden semi-Markov model. Visit project homepage on git. signalHsmm is also avaible on CRAN.


You may paste sequences directly into the field on right or use Submit .fasta or .txt file: button to directly submit a file. The FASTA format is advised. Queries bigger than 300 sequences will not be processed. Use the batch mode instead. Be patient - calculations can take up to few minutes.


The exact prediction of the regional structure of signal peptides (including position of the cleavage site) is still an experimental feature and should be used with caution.


Michal Burdukiewicz, Piotr Sobczyk. signalHsmm is hosted by Department of Genomics, University of Wrocław.

This project was funded by National Science Center (2015/17/N/NZ2/01845 and 2017/24/T/NZ2/00003).

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