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Signature Overrepresentation Analysis

genesFromRandomPathwaysFunction to randomly select genes associated with randomly...
getGenesList genes involved in present GPS for a specific pathway in...
getURLHighlight the relevant genes for a specific pathway in its...
idmapIdentifier mappings for protein coding genes.
kegHPathway GPS data, extracted from KEGG repository (Human).
kegMPathway GPS data, extracted from KEGG repository (Mouse).
load_dataload and return data when lazyLoad false insted of using...
makeGPSCreate your own Signature Object.
nciTableNCI human gene-pathway associations.
oraTraditional Overrepresentation Analysis.
reaHPathway GPS data, extracted from the Reactome repository...
reaMPathway GPS data, extracted from Reactome repository (Mouse).
sigoraSigora's main function.
sigora-packagesigora: Signature Overrepresentation Analysis
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