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Signature Overrepresentation Analysis

genesFromRandomPathwaysFunction to randomly select genes associated with randomly...
getGenesList genes involved in present GPS for a specific pathway in...
getURLHighlight the relevant genes for a specific pathway in its...
idmapIdentifier mappings for protein coding genes.
kegHPathway GPS data, extracted from KEGG repository (Human).
kegMPathway GPS data, extracted from KEGG repository (Mouse).
makeGPSCreate your own Signature Object.
nciTableNCI human gene-pathway associations.
oraTraditional Overrepresentation Analysis.
reaHPathway GPS data, extracted from the Reactome repository...
reaMPathway GPS data, extracted from Reactome repository (Mouse).
sigoraSigora's main function.
sigora-packageSignature Overrepresentation Analysis
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