Man pages for sivipm
Sensitivity Indices with Dependent Inputs

bind.polyXBind Several polyX Objects
cornell0Motor Octane Number Measurements
cornell1Motor Octane Number Measurements with Missing Values
crpolyXCreate polyX Object from Standard Polynomial
crpolyXTCreate polyX Object from Standard Polynomial, Transformed...
factorsplitTransform Categorical Variables into Numeric Variables
poly-classClass '"poly"'
polyX-classClass '"polyX"'
sivipbootConfidence Intervals for the Total Sensitivity Indices by...
sivip-classClass '"sivip"'
sivipmSensitivity Indices
sivipm-packageSensitivity Indices with Dependent Inputs
takeoff.polyXRemove Monomials from a polyX Object
vect2polyXCreate polyX Object from Polynomial Description
vect2polyXTCreate polyX Object from Polynomial Description
X18Y2Aircraft InfraRed Signature (IRS)
XY180Transformed Aircraft InfraRed Signature
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