makeBealeFunction: Beale Function

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Multimodal single-objective test function for optimization. It is based on the mathematic formula

f(\mathbf{x}) = (1.5 - \mathbf{x}_1 + \mathbf{x}_1\mathbf{x}_2)^2 + (2.25 - \mathbf{x}_1 + \mathbf{x}_1\mathbf{x}_2^2)^2 + (2.625 - \mathbf{x}_1 + \mathbf{x}_1\mathbf{x}_2^3)^2

usually evaluated within the bounds \mathbf{x}_i \in [-4.5, 4.5], i = 1, 2. The function has a flat but multimodal region aroung the single global optimum and large peaks in the edges of its definition space.





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