hazard.smoothSurvReg: Hazard Curves for Objects of Class 'smoothSurvReg'

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Hazard Curves for Objects of Class 'smoothSurvReg'


Compute and plot hazard function for given combinations of covariates based on the fitted model.


## S3 method for class 'smoothSurvReg'
hazard(x, cov, logscale.cov, time0 = 0, plot = TRUE,
    by, xlim, ylim, xlab = "t", ylab = "h(t)", 
    type = "l", lty, main, sub, legend, bty = "n", cex.legend = 1, ...)



Object of class smoothSurvReg.


Vector or matrix with covariates values for which the survivor curve/cdf is to be computed and plotted. It must be a matrix with as many columns as is the number of covariates (interactions included) or the vector of length equal to the number of covariates (interactions included). Intercept is not to be included in cov. If cov is missing a survivor curve for the value of a covariate vector equal to zero is plotted. If there is only intercept in the model the survivor curve based on the fitted error distribution is always plotted.


Vector or matrix with covariate values for the expression of log-scale (if this depended on covariates). It can be omitted in the case that log-scale was common for all observations.


Starting time of the follow-up as used in the model. I.e. the model is assumed to be log(T-time0) = x'beta + sigma*epsilon


If TRUE the plot is directly produced, otherwise only a data.frame with information used for later plotting is returned.


Step for a ploting grid. If missing it is automatically computed.

xlim, ylim

Arguments passed to the plot function.

xlab, ylab

Arguments passed to the plot function.

type, lty

Arguments passed to the plot function.

main, sub

Arguments passed to the plot function.

legend, bty

Argument passed to the plot function.


argument passed to cex argument of the legend function.


Arguments passed to the plot function.


A dataframe with columns named x and y where x gives the grid and y the values of the hazard function at that grid.


Arnošt Komárek arnost.komarek@mff.cuni.cz

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