sn: The Skew-Normal and Related Distributions, such as the Skew-t

Build and manipulate probability distributions of the skew-normal family and some related ones, notably the skew-t family, and provide related statistical methods for data fitting and diagnostics, in the univariate and the multivariate case.

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AuthorAdelchi Azzalini <>
Date of publication2017-02-10 10:53:49
MaintainerAdelchi Azzalini <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

affineTransSECdistr: Affine transformations and marginals of a skew-elliptical...

ais: Australian Institute of Sport data

barolo: Price of Barolo wine

coef.selm: Coefficients of objects created by 'selm'

conditionalSECdistr: Skew-normal conditional distribution

confint.selm: Confidence intervals for parameters of a selm-class object

dmsn: Multivariate skew-normal distribution

dmst: Multivariate skew-t distribution and skew-Cauchy distribution

dp2cp: Conversion between parametrizations of a skew-elliptical...

dsc: Skew-Cauchy Distribution

dsn: Skew-Normal Distribution

dst: Skew-t Distribution

extractSECdistr: Extract the SEC error term from an object created by 'selm'

frontier: Simulated sample from a skew-normal distribution

makeSECdistr: Build a skew-elliptically contoured distribution

matrix-op: vech and other matrix operators

modeSECdistr: The mode of a skew-elliptically contoured (SEC) distribution

plot.SECdistr: Plotting methods for classes 'SECdistrUv' and 'SECdistrMv'

plot.selm: Diagnostic plots for 'selm' fits

predict.selm: Predict method for selm-class objects

profile.selm: Profile log-likelihood function of selm-class objects

Qpenalty: Penalty function for log-likelihood of 'selm' models

residuals.selm: Residuals and fitted values from 'selm' fits

sd: Standard deviation

SECdistrMv-class: Class '"SECdistrMv"'

SECdistrUv-class: Class '"SECdistrUv"'

selm: Fitting linear models with skew-elliptical error term

selm-class: Classes 'selm' and 'mselm' of objects created by function... Fitting functions for 'selm' models

sn-package: Package 'sn': overview

sn-st.cumulants: Cumulants of univariate skew-normal and skew-t distributions Expected and observed Fisher information for SN and ST...

summary.SECdistr: Summary of a SEC distribution object

summary.SECdistr-class: Classes 'summary.SECdistrMv' and 'summary.SECdistrUv'

summary.selm: Summarizing 'selm' fits

symm-modulated-distr: Symmetry-modulated distributions

T.Owen: Owen's function

wines: Piedmont wines data

zeta: Function log(2*Phi(x)) and its derivatives


affineTransSECdistr Man page
ais Man page
barolo Man page
coef.mselm Man page
coef,mselm-method Man page
coef.selm Man page
coef,selm-method Man page
conditionalSECdistr Man page
confint.selm Man page
confint,selm-method Man page
confint.selm-method Man page
cp2dp Man page
dmsc Man page
dmsn Man page
dmst Man page
dmSymmModulated Man page
dp2cp Man page
dp2op Man page
dsc Man page
dsn Man page
dst Man page
dSymmModulated Man page
duplicationMatrix Man page
extractSECdistr Man page
fitted.mselm Man page
fitted,mselm-method Man page
fitted.selm Man page
fitted,selm-method Man page
frontier Man page
logLik,mselm-method Man page
logLik,selm-method Man page
makeSECdistr Man page
marginalSECdistr Man page
mean,SECdistrMv-method Man page
mean,SECdistrUv-method Man page
modeSECdistr Man page
MPpenalty Man page
mselm-class Man page
msn.mle Man page
msn.mple Man page
mst.mple Man page
op2dp Man page
plot2D.SymmModulated Man page
plot,ANY,ANY-method Man page
plot.mselm Man page
plot,mselm,ANY-method Man page
plot,mselm-method Man page
plot,mselm,missing-method Man page
plot,profile.mle,missing-method Man page
plot.SECdistr Man page
plot.SECdistrMv Man page
plot,SECdistrMv-method Man page
plot,SECdistrMv,missing-method Man page
plot.SECdistrUv Man page
plot,SECdistrUv-method Man page
plot,SECdistrUv,missing-method Man page
plot.selm Man page
plot,selm,ANY-method Man page
plot,selm-method Man page
plot,selm,missing-method Man page
pmsc Man page
pmsn Man page
pmst Man page
predict.selm Man page
predict,selm-method Man page
predict.selm-method Man page
profile.selm Man page
profile.selm-method Man page
psc Man page
psn Man page
pst Man page
Qpenalty Man page
qsc Man page
qsn Man page
qst Man page
residuals.mselm Man page
residuals,mselm-method Man page
residuals.selm Man page
residuals,selm-method Man page
rmsc Man page
rmsn Man page
rmst Man page
rmSymmModulated Man page
rsc Man page
rsn Man page
rst Man page
rSymmModulated Man page
sd Man page
sd.default Man page
sd,SECdistrUv-method Man page
SECdistrMv-class Man page
SECdistrUv-class Man page
selm Man page
selm-class Man page Man page
show,mselm-method Man page
show,SECdistrMv-method Man page
show,SECdistrUv-method Man page
show,selm-method Man page
show,summary.mselm-method Man page
show,summary.SECdistrMv-method Man page
show,summary.SECdistrUv-method Man page
show,summary.selm-method Man page
SN Man page
sn.cumulants Man page
sn.infoMv Man page
sn.infoUv Man page
sn.mple Man page
sn-package Man page
st.cumulants Man page
st.infoMv Man page
st.infoUv Man page
st.mple Man page
summary.mselm Man page
summary.mselm-class Man page
summary,mselm-method Man page
summary.SECdistr Man page
summary.SECdistrMv Man page
summary.SECdistrMv-class Man page
summary,SECdistrMv-method Man page
summary.SECdistrUv Man page
summary.SECdistrUv-class Man page
summary,SECdistrUv-method Man page
summary.selm Man page
summary.selm-class Man page
summary,selm-method Man page
SymmModulatedDistr Man page
T.Owen Man page
vcov,mselm-method Man page
vcov,SECdistrMv-method Man page
vcov,selm-method Man page
vech Man page
vech2mat Man page
weights,mselm-method Man page
weights,selm-method Man page
wines Man page
zeta Man page

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