sn: The Skew-Normal and Skew-t Distributions

Build and manipulate probability distributions of the skew-normal family and some related ones, notably the skew-t family, and provide related statistical methods for data fitting and diagnostics, in the univariate and the multivariate case.

AuthorAdelchi Azzalini <>
Date of publication2016-06-30 18:18:52
MaintainerAdelchi Azzalini <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

affineTransSECdistr: Affine transformations and marginals of a skew-elliptical...

ais: Australian Institute of Sport data

barolo: Price of Barolo wine

coef.selm: Coefficients of objects created by 'selm'

conditionalSECdistr: Skew-normal conditional distribution

confint.selm: Confidence intervals for parameters of a selm-class object

dmsn: Multivariate skew-normal distribution

dmst: Multivariate skew-t distribution and skew-Cauchy distribution

dp2cp: Conversion between parametrizations of a skew-elliptical...

dsc: Skew-Cauchy Distribution

dsn: Skew-Normal Distribution

dst: Skew-t Distribution

extractSECdistr: Extract the SEC error term from an object created by 'selm'

frontier: Simulated sample from a skew-normal distribution

makeSECdistr: Build a skew-elliptically contoured distribution

matrix-op: vech and other matrix operators

modeSECdistr: The mode of a skew-elliptically contoured (SEC) distribution

plot.SECdistr: Plotting methods for classes 'SECdistrUv' and 'SECdistrMv'

plot.selm: Diagnostic plots for 'selm' fits

predict.selm: Predict method for selm-class objects

profile.selm: Profile log-likelihood function of selm-class objects

Qpenalty: Penalty function for log-likelihood of 'selm' models

residuals.selm: Residuals and fitted values from 'selm' fits

sd: Standard deviation

SECdistrMv-class: Class '"SECdistrMv"'

SECdistrUv-class: Class '"SECdistrUv"'

selm: Fitting linear models with skew-elliptical error term

selm-class: Classes 'selm' and 'mselm' of objects created by function... Fitting functions for 'selm' models

sn-package: Package 'sn': overview

sn-st.cumulants: Cumulants of univariate skew-normal and skew-t distributions Expected and observed Fisher information for SN and ST...

summary.SECdistr: Summary of a SEC distribution object

summary.SECdistr-class: Classes 'summary.SECdistrMv' and 'summary.SECdistrUv'

summary.selm: Summarizing 'selm' fits

T.Owen: Owen's function

wines: Piedmont wines data

zeta: Function log(2*Phi(x)) and its derivatives

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