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The Skew-Normal and Related Distributions Such as the Skew-t

affineTransSECdistrAffine transformations and marginals of a skew-elliptical...
aisAustralian Institute of Sport data
baroloPrice of Barolo wine
coef.selmCoefficients of objects created by 'selm'
conditionalSECdistrSkew-normal conditional distribution
confint.selmConfidence intervals for parameters of a selm-class object
dmsnMultivariate skew-normal distribution
dmstMultivariate skew-t distribution and skew-Cauchy distribution
dp2cpConversion between parametrizations of a skew-elliptical...
dscSkew-Cauchy Distribution
dsnSkew-Normal Distribution
dstSkew-t Distribution
extractSECdistrExtract the SEC error term from an object created by 'selm'
frontierSimulated sample from a skew-normal distribution
makeSECdistrBuild a skew-elliptically contoured distribution
matrix-opvech and other matrix operators
modeSECdistrThe mode of a skew-elliptically contoured (SEC) distribution
overviewPackage 'sn': overview of the package structure and commands
plot.SECdistrPlotting methods for classes 'SECdistrUv' and 'SECdistrMv'
plot.selmDiagnostic plots for 'selm' fits
predict.selmPredict method for selm-class objects
profile.selmProfile log-likelihood function of selm-class objects
QpenaltyPenalty function for log-likelihood of 'selm' models
residuals.selmResiduals and fitted values from 'selm' fits
sdStandard deviation
SECdistrMv-classClass '"SECdistrMv"'
SECdistrUv-classClass '"SECdistrUv"'
selmFitting linear models with skew-elliptical error term
selm-classClasses 'selm' and 'mselm' of objects created by function...
selm.fitFitting functions for 'selm' models
sn-packagePackage 'sn': development and brief overview
sn-st.cumulantsCumulants of univariate skew-normal and skew-t distributions
sn-st.infoExpected and observed Fisher information for SN and ST...
summary.SECdistrSummary of a SEC distribution object
summary.SECdistr-classClasses 'summary.SECdistrMv' and 'summary.SECdistrUv'
summary.selmSummarizing 'selm' fits
symm-modulated-distrSymmetry-modulated distributions
T.OwenOwen's function
winesPiedmont wines data
zetaFunction log(2*Phi(x)) and its derivatives
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