ais: Australian Institute of Sport data

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Data on 102 male and 100 female athletes collected at the Australian Institute of Sport, courtesy of Richard Telford and Ross Cunningham.




A data frame with 202 observations on the following 13 variables.

[,1] sex categorical, levels: female, male
[,2] sport categorical, levels: B_Ball, Field, Gym, Netball, Row, Swim, T_400m,
Tennis, T_Sprnt, W_Polo
[,3] RCC red cell count (numeric)
[,4] WCC white cell count (numeric)
[,5] Hc Hematocrit (numeric)
[,6] Hg Hemoglobin (numeric)
[,7] Fe plasma ferritin concentration (numeric)
[,8] BMI body mass index, weight/(height)² (numeric)
[,9] SSF sum of skin folds (numeric)
[,10] Bfat body fat percentage (numeric)
[,11] LBM lean body mass (numeric)
[,12] Ht height, cm (numeric)
[,13] Wt weight, kg (numeric)


The data have been made publicly available in connection with the book by Cook and Weisberg (1994).


Cook and Weisberg (1994), An Introduction to Regression Graphics. John Wiley & Sons, New York.


data(ais, package="sn")
pairs(ais[,c(3:4,10:13)], col=as.numeric(ais[,1]), main = "AIS data")

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