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Classes and Methods for Spatial Data

00spA package providing classes and methods for spatial data:...
addattrconstructs SpatialXxxDataFrame from geometry and attributes
aggregateaggregation of spatial objects
asciigridread/write to/from (ESRI) asciigrid format
as.SpatialPolygons.GridTopologyMake SpatialPolygons object from GridTopology object
as.SpatialPolygons.PolygonsListMaking SpatialPolygons objects
bboxretrieve bbox from spatial data
bpy.colorsblue-pink-yellow color scheme, which also prints well on...
bubbleCreate a bubble plot of spatial data
char2dmsConvert character vector to DMS-class object
compassRoseDisplay a compass rose.
coordinatesset spatial coordinates to create a Spatial object, or...
coordinates-methodsretrieve (or set) spatial coordinates
coordnames-methodsretrieve or assign coordinate names for classes in sp
CRS-classClass "CRS" of coordinate reference system arguments
degaxisaxis with degrees
dimensionsretrieve spatial dimensions from spatial data
disaggregatedisaggregate SpatialLines, SpatialLinesDataFrame,...
DMS-classClass "DMS" for degree, minute, decimal second values
elide-methodsMethods for Function elide in Package 'maptools'
fliprearrange data in SpatialPointsDataFrame or...
geometry-methodsMethods for retrieving the geometry from a composite...
gridded-methodsspecify spatial data as being gridded, or find out whether...
gridindex2nbcreate neighbourhood (nb) object from grid geometry
gridlinesCreate N-S and E-W grid lines over a geographic region
GridsDatumsGrids and Datums PE&RS listing
GridTopology-classClass "GridTopology"
imageImage or contour method for gridded spatial data; convert to...
is.projectedSets or retrieves projection attributes on classes extending...
Linecreate objects of class Line or Lines
Line-classClass "Line"
Lines-classClass "Lines"
loadmeusedeprecated function to load the Meuse data set
mapaspCalculate aspect ratio for plotting geographic maps; create...
mergeMerge a Spatial* object having attributes with a data.frame
meuseMeuse river data set
meuse.gridPrediction Grid for Meuse Data Set
meuse.grid_llPrediction Grid for Meuse Data Set, geographical coordinates
meuse.rivRiver Meuse outline
overconsistent spatial overlay for points, grids and polygons
panelpanel and panel utility functions for spplot point(s) fall in a given polygon?
Polygon-classClass "Polygon"
polygonssets spatial coordinates to create spatial data, or retrieves...
Polygons-classClass "Polygons"
polygons-methodsRetrieve polygons from SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object
recenter-methodsMethods for Function recenter in Package 'sp'
RlogoRlogo jpeg image
select.spatialselect points spatially
sp2Mondrianwrite map data for Mondrian
Spatial-classClass "Spatial"
SpatialGriddefine spatial grid
SpatialGrid-classClass "SpatialGrid"
SpatialGridDataFramedefine spatial grid with attribute data
SpatialGridDataFrame-classClass "SpatialGridDataFrame"
SpatialLinescreate objects of class SpatialLines or SpatialLinesDataFrame
SpatialLines-classa class for spatial lines
SpatialLinesDataFrame-classa class for spatial lines with attributes
SpatialMultiPointscreate objects of class SpatialMultiPoints or...
SpatialMultiPoints-classClass "SpatialMultiPoints"
SpatialMultiPointsDataFrame-classClass "SpatialMultiPointsDataFrame"
SpatialPixels-classClass "SpatialPixels"
SpatialPixelsDataFrame-classClass "SpatialPixelsDataFrame"
SpatialPointscreate objects of class SpatialPoints or...
SpatialPoints-classClass "SpatialPoints"
SpatialPointsDataFrame-classClass "SpatialPointsDataFrame"
SpatialPolygonscreate objects of class SpatialPolygons or...
SpatialPolygons-classClass "SpatialPolygons"
SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-classClass "SpatialPolygonsDataFrame"
spChFIDs-methodschange feature IDs in spatial objects
sp-deprecatedDeprecated functions in sp
spDistsN1Euclidean or Great Circle distance between points
spplotPlot methods for spatial data with attributes
spsamplesample point locations in (or on) a spatial object
spTransformspTransform for map projection and datum transformation
stackrearrange data in SpatialPointsDataFrame or...
surfaceAreaCompute surface area of a digital elevation model.
zerodistfind point pairs with equal spatial coordinates
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