Replace.linim: Reset Values in Subset of Image on Linear Network

Replace.linimR Documentation

Reset Values in Subset of Image on Linear Network


Reset the values in a subset of a pixel image on a linear network.


  ## S3 replacement method for class 'linim'
x[i, j] <- value



A pixel image on a linear network. An object of class "linim".


Object defining the subregion or subset to be replaced. Either a spatial window (an object of class "owin"), or a pixel image with logical values, or a point pattern (an object of class "ppp"), or any type of index that applies to a matrix, or something that can be converted to a point pattern by as.ppp (using the window of x).


An integer or logical vector serving as the column index if matrix indexing is being used. Ignored if i is appropriate to some sort of replacement other than matrix indexing.


Vector, matrix, factor or pixel image containing the replacement values. Short vectors will be recycled.


This function changes some of the pixel values in a pixel image. The image x must be an object of class "linim" representing a pixel image on a linear network.

The pixel values are replaced according to the rules described in the help for [< Then the auxiliary data are updated.


The image x with the values replaced.




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  # make a function
  Y <- as.linim(distfun(runiflpp(5, simplenet)))
  # replace some values
  B <- square(c(0.25, 0.55))
  Y[B] <- 2
  plot(Y, main="")
  plot(B, add=TRUE, lty=3)
  X <- runiflpp(4, simplenet)
  Y[X] <- 5

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