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Plot Point Pattern on Linear Network


Plots a point pattern on a linear network. Plot method for the class "lpp" of point patterns on a linear network.


## S3 method for class 'lpp'
plot(x, ..., main, add = FALSE,
                   use.marks=TRUE, which.marks=NULL,
                   show.all = !add, show.window=FALSE,, 
                   do.plot = TRUE, multiplot=TRUE) 



Point pattern on a linear network (object of class "lpp").


Additional arguments passed to plot.linnet or plot.ppp.


Main title for plot.


Logical value indicating whether the plot is to be added to the existing plot (add=TRUE) or whether a new plot should be initialised (add=FALSE, the default).


logical flag; if TRUE, plot points using a different plotting symbol for each mark; if FALSE, only the locations of the points will be plotted, using points().


Index determining which column of marks to use, if the marks of x are a data frame. A character or integer vector identifying one or more columns of marks. If add=FALSE then the default is to plot all columns of marks, in a series of separate plots. If add=TRUE then only one column of marks can be plotted, and the default is which.marks=1 indicating the first column of marks.


Logical value indicating whether to plot everything including the main title and the window containing the network.


Logical value indicating whether to plot the window containing the network. Overrides show.all.

Logical value indicating whether to plot the network.


Logical value determining whether to actually perform the plotting.


Logical value giving permission to display multiple plots.


The linear network is plotted by plot.linnet, then the points are plotted by plot.ppp.

Commonly-used arguments include:

  • col and lwd for the colour and width of lines in the linear network

  • cols for the colour or colours of the points

  • chars for the plot characters representing different types of points

  • legend and leg.side to control the graphics legend

Note that the linear network will be plotted even when add=TRUE, unless


(Invisible) object of class "symbolmap" giving the correspondence between mark values and plotting characters.




See Also


See plot.ppp for options for representing the points.

See also points.lpp, text.lpp.


  plot(chicago, cols=1:6)

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