Man pages for spectacles
Storing, Manipulating and Analysis Spectroscopy and Associated Data

aggregate_spectraAggregates spectral and data information
apply_spectraApply a function on the spectra of a Spectra* object
australiaAustralia spectra library data set
base_lineBaseline correction using the baseline package#'
big.headReturn the First or Last Part of an Object
continuum_removalContinuum removal
cutManipulating the wavelength range of a 'Spectra' object
dimensionsRetrieve dimensions of Spectra* objects
extraction-methodsExtracting and replacing parts of Spectra* objects
featuresRetrieves or sets the data slot of a SpectraDataFrame object.
fill_spectraFill missing wavelengths of a Spectra* object with a given...
idsRetrieves or sets the ids of a 'Spectra*' object.
kenstoneKennard-Stone algorithm for optimal calibration set...
load_ozLoad the australia dataset
melt_spectraMelts the spectra data of a Spectra object and returns it as...
mutateMutate a Spectra* object by transforming the spectra values,...
plot_offsetOffset plot of a collection of spectra
plot-SpectraPlots an object inheriting from the Spectra class
plot_stackStacked plot of a collection of spectra
plot_summarySummary plot of a collection of spectra
postResampleSpectroCalculates performance indictors across resamples
rbindStacking 'Spectra' objects together
resSpectral resolution
separateSeparates a 'Spectra*' object into a calibration and a...
snvStandard and Robust Normal Variate transformations
spectacles-packageStoring, Manipulating and Analysis Spectroscopy and...
SpectraConstructor for the Spectra class.
Spectra-classSpectra* classes
SpectraDataFrameConstructor for the SpectraDataFrame class.
spectra-methodsRetrieves or sets the spectra of a 'Spectra*' objects.
spliceSplice correction of a spectra collected using ASD hardware
splitSplit a Spectra* object using factors
subsetSubset SpectraDataFrame object
wlRetrieves or sets the wavelengths of a 'Spectra*' object.
wl_unitsWavelengths of Spectra* objects
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