Man pages for spgs
Statistical Patterns in Genomic Sequences

agct.testTest of Purine-Pyrimidine Parity Based on Euclidean distance
ag.testTest of Purine-Pyrimidine Parity Based on Purine Count
array2vectorConvert Arrays and Tables to Vectors with Named Elements
chargaff0.testVector Test of Chargaff's Second Parity Rule (CSPR) for...
chargaff1.testMatrix Test of CSPR for Mononucleotides
chargaff2.testMatrix Test of CSPR for Dinucleotides
chargaff.gibbs.testTest of CSPR for Dinucleotides Under Gibbs Distribution
chisq.unif.testTest of Uniformity Based on Pearsons's Chi-Squared test
complementComplement of a DNA/RNA Sequence
cylinder.countsCount Cylinders (Fixed-Offset Patterns) in Character Vectors
diffsign.testthe Differents-Sign Test of Statistical Independence
diid.disturbanceConstruct feasible Random Noise Generating a Bernoulli...
diid.testA Test for a Bernoulli Scheme (IID Sequence)
disambiguateDisambiguate a Nucleic Sequence
estimateMarkovChainFit a first-Order Markov Chain to a Sequence of Finite...
ks.unif.testUsing 'ks.test' to test for Uniformity on the Unit Interval
lb.testThe Ljung-Box Test for Uncorrelated Data
markov.disturbanceConstruct feasible Random Noise Generating a First-Order...
markov.testA Test for First-Order Markovianness
nanoarchaeumDNA sequence for the Nanoarchaeum equitans Kin4-M Chromosome
oligoProfileOligo Profiles and Oligo Profile Correlation Plots of...
pair.countsCount Pairs in Character Vectors
pierisDNA sequence for the Pieris Rapae Granulovirus Genome
quadruple.countsCount Quadruplets in Character Vectors
rank.testThe Rank Test of Statistical Independence
rcspr2matRandom Stochastic Matrices Complying with Chargaff's Second...
reverseComplementReverse Complement of a DNA/RNA Sequence
rstochmatRandom Generation of Stochastic Matrices
rstochvecRandom Generation of Stochastic (Probability) Vectors
simulateMarkovChainSimulate a first-Order Markov Chain
spgs-packageStatistical Patterns in Genomic Sequences
triple.countsCount Triplets in Character Vectors
turningpoint.testThe Turning Point Test of Statistical Independence
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