Man pages for spm12r
Wrapper Functions for 'SPM' (Statistical Parametric Mapping) Version 12 from the 'Wellcome' Trust Centre for 'Neuroimaging'

acpc_reorientAC/PC Reorientation
add_spm_dirAdd SPM Directory
bwconncompLabel Connected Clusters of Certain Size
filename_checkPerform filename checks for SPM
group_xyzCenter of Gravity for Multiple Areas
install_spm12Install SPM12 file into directory
ntime_pointsGet number of time points from a file
run_matlabbatchRun Matlab Batch from List
run_spm12_scriptWrapper for running 'spm12_script'
spm12_conditionBuild Conditions for SPM12 first level model
spm12_contrastBuild contrasts for SPM12 first level model
spm12_contrast_managerSPM12 fMRI Contrasts
spm12_contrast_queryBuild contrasts query for SPM12 results
spm12_coregisterBatch SPM12 Coregister (Estimate and Reslice)
spm12_coregister.deprecatedSPM12 Coregister (Estimate and Reslice)
spm12_first_levelSPM12 fMRI First Level Model
spm12_first_level_specSPM12 fMRI First Level Specification
spm12_fmri_estSPM12 FMRI Estimation
spm12_normalizeSPM12 Normalize (Estimate and Write)
spm12_normalize_estSPM12 Normalize (Estimate)
spm12_normalize_writeSPM12 Normalize (Write)
spm12_realignSPM12 Realign (Estimate and Reslice)
spm12_realign.deprecatedSPM12 Realign (Estimate and Reslice)
spm12_realign_estSPM12 Realign (Estimate)
spm12_regressorBuild Regressors for SPM12 first level model
spm12_resultsSPM12 Results Report
spm12_scriptFind SPM12 Script
spm12_segmentSPM12 Segment
spm12_slice_timingSPM12 Slice Timing Correction
spm12_slice_timing.deprecatedSPM12 Slice Timing Correction
spm12_smoothSPM12 Smooth
spm_bwlabelSPM BWLabel Clusters of Certain Size
spm_dirGet SPM12 Directory
spm_directorySPM Directory
spm_probs_to_segSPM Probability to Hard Segmentation
spm_versionSPM Version
spm_xmatSPM X Matrix
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