Man pages for ssMRCD
Spatially Smoothed MRCD Estimator

contamination_randomContamination Through Swapping
geo_weightsInverse Geographic Weight Matrix
local_outliers_ssMRCDLocal Outlier Detection Technique based on ssMRCD
N_structure_gridbasedCreates Grid-Based Neighborhood Structure
objective_matrixCalculation of Objective Function
parameter_tuningParameter Tuning
plot.locOutsDiagnostic Plots for Local Outlier Detection
plot.ssMRCDPlot Method for ssMRCD Object
rescale_weightsRescale Weight Matrix
restructure_as_listRestructure Data Matrix as List
ssMRCDSpatially Smoothed MRCD Estimator
summary.locOutsSummary of Local Outlier Detection
summary.ssMRCDSummary Method for ssMRCD Object
weatherAUT2021Austrian Weather Data 2021
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