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This function uses information returned by packageDescription to construct a standard package startup message according to the policy of the Statnet Project. To determine institutional affiliation, it uses a lookup table that maps domain names to institutions. (E.g., * or * maps to University of Washington.)


statnetStartupMessage(pkgname, friends, nofriends)



Name of the package whose information is used.


This argument is required, but will only be interpreted if the Statnet Project policy makes use of "friendly" package information.

A character vector of names of packages whose attribution information incorporates the attribution information of this package, or TRUE. (This may, in the future, lead the package to suppress its own startup message when loaded by a "friendly" package.)

If TRUE, the package considers all other packages "friendly". (This may, in the future, lead the package to suppress its own startup message when loaded by another package, but print it when loaded directly by the user.)


This argument controls the startup message if the Statnet Project policy does not make use of "friendly" package information but does make use of whether or not the package is being loaded directly or as a dependency.

If TRUE, the package is willing to suppress its startup message if loaded as a dependency. If FALSE, it is not.


A string containing the startup message, to be passed to the packageStartupMessage call or NULL, if policy prescribes printing R's default startup message. (Thus, if statnetStartupMessage returns NULL, the calling package should not call packageStartupMessage at all.)

Note that arguments to friends and nofriends are merely requests, to be interpreted (or ignored) by the statnetStartupMessage according to the Statnet Project policy.

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## Not run: 
.onAttach <- function(lib, pkg){
  sm <- statnetStartupMessage("ergm", friends=c("statnet","ergm.count","tergm"), nofriends=FALSE)
  if(!is.null(sm)) packageStartupMessage(sm)

## End(Not run)

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