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statnetStartupMessageR Documentation

Construct a "standard" startup message to be printed when the package is loaded.


This function uses information returned by packageDescription() to construct a standard package startup message according to the policy of the Statnet Project.


statnetStartupMessage(pkgname, friends = c(), nofriends = c())



Name of the package whose information is used.

friends, nofriends

No longer used.


A string containing the startup message, to be passed to the packageStartupMessage() call or NULL, if policy prescribes printing default startup message. (Thus, if statnetStartupMessage() returns NULL, the calling package should not call packageStartupMessage() at all.)


Earlier versions of this function printed a more expansive message. This may change again as the Statnet Project policy evolves.

See Also

packageDescription(), packageStartupMessage()


## Not run: 
.onAttach <- function(lib, pkg){
  sm <- statnetStartupMessage("ergm")
  if(!is.null(sm)) packageStartupMessage(sm)

## End(Not run)

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