stppResid: Perform residual analysis on space-time point process models.

Implement transformation-based and pixel-based residual analysis of spatial-temporal point process models.

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AuthorRobert Clements
Date of publication2012-11-20 13:13:46
MaintainerRobert Clements <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

add.stpoints: Add space-time points to a stpp object

deviance: Pre-computed set of deviance residuals

devresid: Calculate deviance residuals

earthquake: Earthquake locations

eq: Earthquake dataset as '"stpp"' object

gresiduals: Pre-computed grid-based residuals

gridresid: Calculate grid-based residuals

make.grid: Make a grid of spatial bins

plot.devresid: Plot deviance residuals

plot.gridresid: Plot grid-based residuals

plot.stpp: Plot a space-time point pattern

plot.superthin: Plot super-thinned residuals

plot.supresid: Plot superposed residuals

plot.tessdev: Plot tessellation deviance residuals

plot.tessresid: Plot tessellation residuals

plot.thinresid: Plot thinned residuals

print.devresid: Print details of a 'devresid' object

print.gridresid: Print details of a 'gridresid' object

print.stgrid: Print details of a 'stgrid' object

print.stpp: Print details of a 'stpp' object

print.stwin: Print details of a 'stwin' object

print.superthin: Print details of a 'superthin' object

print.supresid: Print details of a 'supresid' object

print.tessdev: Print details of a 'tessdev' object

print.tessresid: Print details of a 'tessresid' object

print.thinresid: Print details of a 'thinresid' object

redbanana: Space-time data for red banana plants

simdata: A simulated Poisson process.

sresiduals1: Pre-computed superposed residuals

sresiduals2: Pre-computed superposed residuals

stpp: Convert data to class 'stpp'

stresiduals1: Pre-computed super-thinned residuals

stresiduals2: Pre-computed super-thinned residuals

stwin: Create a space-time window

summary.superthin: Summary of a set of super-thinned residuals

summary.supresid: Summary of a set of superposed residuals

summary.thinresid: Summary of a set of thinned residuals

superthin: Perform super-thinned residuals method

supresid: Perform superposed residuals method

tessdev: Calculate tessellation deviance residuals

tessresid: Calculate tessellation residuals

thinresid: Perform thinned residuals method

tresiduals1: Pre-computed thinned residuals

tresiduals2: Pre-computed thinned residuals

tsresiduals: Pre-computed tessellation residuals

tsresiduals2: Pre-computed tessellation residuals


add.stpoints Man page
deviance Man page
devresid Man page
earthquake Man page
eq Man page
gresiduals Man page
gridresid Man page
make.grid Man page
plot.devresid Man page
plot.gridresid Man page
plot.stpp Man page
plot.superthin Man page
plot.supresid Man page
plot.tessdev Man page
plot.tessresid Man page
plot.thinresid Man page
print.devresid Man page
print.gridresid Man page
print.stgrid Man page
print.stpp Man page
print.stwin Man page
print.superthin Man page
print.supresid Man page
print.tessdev Man page
print.tessresid Man page
print.thinresid Man page
redbanana Man page
simdata Man page
sresiduals1 Man page
sresiduals2 Man page
stpp Man page
stresiduals1 Man page
stresiduals2 Man page
stwin Man page
summary.superthin Man page
summary.supresid Man page
summary.thinresid Man page
superthin Man page
supresid Man page
tessdev Man page
tessresid Man page
thinresid Man page
tresiduals1 Man page
tresiduals2 Man page
tsresiduals Man page
tsresiduals2 Man page


R/print.devresid.R R/tessdev.R R/is.stpp.R R/print.tessdev.R R/make.grid.R R/plot.tessdev.R R/ R/is.supresid.R R/supresid.R R/gridresid.R R/stpp.R R/plot.gridresid.R R/is.stgrid.R R/summary.superthin.R R/ R/plot.thinresid.R R/plot.tessresid.R R/print.superthin.R R/is.stwin.R R/ R/print.summary.superthin.R R/tessresid.R R/is.thinresid.R R/print.stpp.R R/print.summary.supresid.R R/stwin.R R/ R/print.supresid.R R/print.stwin.R R/ R/plot.superthin.R R/devresid.R R/is.tessresid.R R/summary.thinresid.R R/print.stgrid.R R/print.tessresid.R R/add.stpoints.R R/print.summary.thinresid.R R/is.superthin.R R/ R/thinresid.R R/print.thinresid.R R/print.gridresid.R R/ R/plot.supresid.R R/is.tessdev.R R/plot.devresid.R R/plot.stpp.R R/superthin.R R/summary.supresid.R R/is.devresid.R R/is.gridresid.R
man/plot.stpp.Rd man/print.supresid.Rd man/print.stgrid.Rd man/redbanana.Rd man/earthquake.Rd man/print.tessresid.Rd man/thinresid.Rd man/sresiduals2.Rd man/stpp.Rd man/deviance.Rd man/print.thinresid.Rd man/tresiduals2.Rd man/plot.supresid.Rd man/stresiduals1.Rd man/simdata.Rd man/add.stpoints.Rd man/tsresiduals2.Rd man/print.stwin.Rd man/print.tessdev.Rd man/tessresid.Rd man/make.grid.Rd man/plot.thinresid.Rd man/plot.tessresid.Rd man/plot.devresid.Rd man/plot.superthin.Rd man/sresiduals1.Rd man/summary.thinresid.Rd man/plot.tessdev.Rd man/print.superthin.Rd man/stwin.Rd man/tresiduals1.Rd man/print.devresid.Rd man/print.stpp.Rd man/supresid.Rd man/tessdev.Rd man/print.gridresid.Rd man/summary.supresid.Rd man/eq.Rd man/devresid.Rd man/superthin.Rd man/plot.gridresid.Rd man/gresiduals.Rd man/gridresid.Rd man/tsresiduals.Rd man/summary.superthin.Rd man/stresiduals2.Rd

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