Man pages for stppResid
Perform residual analysis on space-time point process models.

add.stpointsAdd space-time points to a stpp object
deviancePre-computed set of deviance residuals
devresidCalculate deviance residuals
earthquakeEarthquake locations
eqEarthquake dataset as '"stpp"' object
gresidualsPre-computed grid-based residuals
gridresidCalculate grid-based residuals
make.gridMake a grid of spatial bins
plot.devresidPlot deviance residuals
plot.gridresidPlot grid-based residuals
plot.stppPlot a space-time point pattern
plot.superthinPlot super-thinned residuals
plot.supresidPlot superposed residuals
plot.tessdevPlot tessellation deviance residuals
plot.tessresidPlot tessellation residuals
plot.thinresidPlot thinned residuals
print.devresidPrint details of a 'devresid' object
print.gridresidPrint details of a 'gridresid' object
print.stgridPrint details of a 'stgrid' object
print.stppPrint details of a 'stpp' object
print.stwinPrint details of a 'stwin' object
print.superthinPrint details of a 'superthin' object
print.supresidPrint details of a 'supresid' object
print.tessdevPrint details of a 'tessdev' object
print.tessresidPrint details of a 'tessresid' object
print.thinresidPrint details of a 'thinresid' object
redbananaSpace-time data for red banana plants
simdataA simulated Poisson process.
sresiduals1Pre-computed superposed residuals
sresiduals2Pre-computed superposed residuals
stppConvert data to class 'stpp'
stresiduals1Pre-computed super-thinned residuals
stresiduals2Pre-computed super-thinned residuals
stwinCreate a space-time window
summary.superthinSummary of a set of super-thinned residuals
summary.supresidSummary of a set of superposed residuals
summary.thinresidSummary of a set of thinned residuals
superthinPerform super-thinned residuals method
supresidPerform superposed residuals method
tessdevCalculate tessellation deviance residuals
tessresidCalculate tessellation residuals
thinresidPerform thinned residuals method
tresiduals1Pre-computed thinned residuals
tresiduals2Pre-computed thinned residuals
tsresidualsPre-computed tessellation residuals
tsresiduals2Pre-computed tessellation residuals
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