DSC_Micro: Abstract Class for Micro Clusterers (Online Component)

DSC_MicroR Documentation

Abstract Class for Micro Clusterers (Online Component)


Abstract class for all clustering methods that can operate online and result in a set of micro-clusters.





further arguments.


Micro-clustering algorithms are data stream mining tasks DST which implement the online component of data stream clustering. The clustering is performed sequentially by using update() to add new points from a data stream to the clustering. The result is a set of micro-clusters that can be retrieved using get_clusters().

Available clustering methods can be found in the See Also section below.

Many data stream clustering algorithms define both, the online and an offline component to recluster micro-clusters into larger clusters called macro-clusters. This is implemented here as class DSC_TwoStage.

DSC_Micro cannot be instantiated.


Michael Hahsler

See Also

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stream <- DSD_BarsAndGaussians(noise = .05)

# Use a DStream to create micro-clusters
dstream <- DSC_DStream(gridsize = 1, Cm = 1.5)
update(dstream, stream, 1000)
plot(dstream, stream, main = "micro-clusters")

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